Example sentences of "can see [pron] the " in BNC.

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1 I can see nothing the matter with the use of Form N111 although I agree that the form would be improved by a reference to the contemnor 's right to try to purge his contempt .
2 I like to study them — very often I can see something the keepers would n't necessarily notice .
3 It 's got a very thick safety glass door on it so you can see what the little dears are doing but ca n't hear them . ’
4 We can see what the testator had in mind .
5 Most parents can identify the first phase of interaction with their child , that is they can see what the child is doing that is irritating and they see how they react , but rarely do they then follow through the interaction to see what happens at the end .
6 As Carmel finished the 3s , she came to me and whispered : ‘ I think I can see what the 5s are going to be before I do it ’ , and she explained her prediction .
7 ‘ You can see what the problem is ’ , G. says .
8 Now the author can see what the document will look like as soon as the text is typed .
9 we can have a look at the blood tests , we can see what the blood pressure is .
10 At the end of each six week period we have an assessment session whereby they have to do a ‘ performance ’ to everybody else in that year , so the music can see what the dance has done … etc .
11 I want to be out on a limb with my back to the water so that I can see what the rest of the world is doing .
12 I would also like to suggest that complaints be made as ‘ Letters to the Editor ’ because then we can see what the complaint is and try to deal with it .
13 He can see what the bitter outcome can be , but instead of washing his hands of the affair , he doggedly and morbidly follows the Carbone 's situation to its tragic resolution .
14 This was a solicitors pick it up and my Lord so you can , you can see what the dispute was .
15 I says that 's got ta be Warren , it could n't be anybody else , so when I come down I went off like , well I tell ya I ca n't do it , so I knew it was so I picked up the wrong she says oh I 'm just ringing because you can see what the weather is she says and you could n't go and do a day in erm , with your
16 SOME people ca n't afford Poll Tax but those spongers who simply refuse to pay should have their names published in local papers so the community can see who the free-loaders are .
17 Quite clearly the objective and you can reading between the lines of the propaganda which pours out er of the Chinese Communist Party for the late thirties onwards , reading between the lines you can see it the objective is essentially Chinese state power , achieving power and using power to build er a national er unified , modern state .
18 I 'm going to it going to do it that way but you can see it the earth is round .
19 I think it 's debatable how selfish people really are , particularly when they see that their are short-term selfishness may in fact create long-term problems for themselves , for their children , for their grandchildren , for er other generations and other peoples , and really as I can see it the green message is one of enlightened self-interest .
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