Example sentences of "can [be] said [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Thus the sentence ‘ The price is going up ’ can be said as a statement like this : The price is going up ( the tonic stress could equally well be on ‘ up ’ ) .
2 But Fodor goes on to argue that much of what can be said about reflexes can also be said about processes which we would normally regard as ‘ cognitive ’ rather than ‘ neurological ’ or ‘ behavioural ’ : the parsing of heard sentences , for example .
3 Much the same can be said about sentence parsing .
4 The same can be said about Constant Lambert 's arrangement of Auber 's music for Ashton 's Les Rendezvous and Meyerbeer 's for Ashton 's Les Patineurs .
5 The other kind would be academics who are committed to a tough professionalism on the American model , who believe that knowledge advances and becomes obsolete , that theory is essential , and that nothing of interest can be said about literature outside an institutional framework .
6 Uncle Buck is the obvious example , but the same can be said about brat pack action movies like Young Guns , family comedies like Parenthood , even blockbuster action like The Abyss double recommended as a trailer because you do n't have to put up with those awful cute aliens that turn up at the end of the film .
7 However , it does not follow from this that there is nothing in an animal 's head , or that nothing useful can be said about it .
8 WP Whatever else can be said about the East European regimes , they clearly failed to motivate their populations .
9 The same can be said about the goal of family-oriented intervention and the provision of after care .
10 What can be said about the most recent generation of US television narrative subgenres is that they display on the screen a much higher awareness of the conventions they are operating than is the general rule on UK television , and they are therefore much more inclined towards an ironic or parodic re-scoring of generic regimes .
11 Two things can be said about this to avoid the impression that the different tendencies are simply expressions of a ‘ national character ’ , or of the irresponsibility of entertainment against the social purposiveness of public service — though the latter explanation , if understood historically rather than morally , is not completely without foundation .
12 There is much that can be said about the advantages of such a strategy , which is flexible and which can penetrate secular buildings with the salt of the gospel touching the lives of many who otherwise have no contact with the church .
13 What can be said about fluoride is that at concentrations of even less than one part per million ( the official dose ) it can cause toxic reactions in sensitive people and recent reassessments of the fluoridation scene suggest that this measure may be much more harmful to health than has been hitherto realized .
14 Chief Superintendent Paul Green of Holborn Police said at the scene last night : ‘ The only thing that can be said about the target is that it was in one of London 's main streets at a very busy time .
15 There are four related conceptual differences between epistemic and perspectival appearances : ( 1 ) Epistemic appearances are subjective , whereas perspectival appearances are objective ; ( 2 ) It makes no sense to say that X appears to be φ to Y but Y does not know it , whereas it does make sense to say that X presents such-and-such a perspectival appearance to the point of view Y occupies but Y does not know it ; ( 3 ) X can appear to be φ to Y only if Y possesses the concept φ : nothing similar can be said about perspectival appearances ; ( 4 ) Epistemic appearances are related to their objects by being true or false of them , whereas perspectival appearances are related to their objects mathematically .
16 In conclusion , is there anything of a general nature that can be said about Wittgenstein 's treatment of the ‘ Other Minds ’ problem ?
17 The best that can be said about marriage laws is that some of the variation may be explained along the lines proposed here .
18 So indeed it might have pleased him , for as has subsequently become clear , the best that can be said about the debate , from the Prime Minister 's point of view , is that he had one facet of the truth while General Maurice had another .
19 What can be said about the outcomes of the Minor Project , and how might its effectiveness be weighed against the expensive Major scheme ?
20 Returning from our detour , what , if anything , can be said about regulated and publicly owned companies compared with public liability companies ?
21 And what a wonderful place , what more can be said about the bar ?
22 There seems to be little that can be said about things which are familiar to writer and reader alike .
23 More can be said about the justification , found by both Blumler et al .
24 Still on the first of these two categories , more can be said about Potidaia from the Athenian Tribute Lists .
25 What can be said about the success of these attempts and the character of the debate ?
26 A nihilistic view about the policy implications of recent theoretical work in the area of vertical restraints would be that , since almost anything can happen , nothing can be said about policy .
27 Taken together , these problems raise the issue of whether anything useful can be said about Black women from a research tradition which has failed to engage with their lives .
28 This is the view that , because criticism works by being directed on existing knowledge claims , it follows that nothing in general can be said about criticism .
29 What can be said about the biochemical mechanisms involved in the response , at any of the levels of cellular organization Kandel has studied ?
30 Erm the there is something which I suppose can be said about what you should do , if you 're an N F and a , and a , an a dominant intuitive .
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