Example sentences of "were assumed to be " in BNC.

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1 There was a time when five-star hotels were assumed to be better than four-star and so on down the line .
2 They lie in why the restructuring took place and in the forms of ownership and capital structure that were assumed to be superior to the old .
3 Still , the limping aircraft , which were assumed to be carrying arms , were not challenged .
4 A Labour Party spokesman said the Opposition accepted the principle of expatriate voting , but disapproved of ‘ disproportionate ’ Government effort and expense devoted to ‘ chasing ’ overseas voters who were assumed to be Tories .
5 The picture was not seen as ‘ a moment of time ’ but the wings were assumed to be spread for a long period ( Goldsmith , 1984 , pp.2–3 ) .
6 The Home Office sent a detective to report on the movements of ‘ the French people ’ — they were assumed to be foreign as they did not have a Somerset accent .
7 It was feared that members of Mboya 's Luo tribe would retaliate against the Kikuyu , the group who dominated the country 's political life and of which the assassins were assumed to be members .
8 He was disappearing regularly into the bowels of the City to meet various moneypersons , all of whom were assumed to be faintly threatening male chauvinists .
9 N-terminal lysine residues were assumed to be present in lysylendopeptidase digests because of the high specificity of this enzyme .
10 A royal banner now bestowed respectability on a cause ; kings ' wars were assumed to be for the sake of peace , even when cripplingly expensive and increasingly savage .
11 Now they were assumed to be — well , gay , but not in the sense he acknowledged .
12 For intergroup comparison the data were assumed to be non-parametric and the Wilcoxon 's rank-sum comparison was used .
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