Example sentences of "she just sort of " in BNC.

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1 And er she just sort of that it happened so quickly .
2 she went sort of , she just sort of spread and got lazy did n't
3 Well that 's what she 's that 's what she 's she 's , she just sort of she did n't mean it but
4 And she just sort of brushed it off .
5 So what does she just sort of does she how does she travel then ?
6 She lives somewhere by the Port , but she just sort of done a detour to come and have lunch with Jan .
7 And and , the , the , the strength of this particular course amazed with herself she just sort of sat about once a day chatting .
8 She agrees with everything I say , she 's never horrible to me , but when you 're around she 's really horrible to me and like , even though she 's agreed with something I 've said earlier , she just sort of goes yeah right Cassie ha ha ha it 's really funny and takes the piss out of it and you sort of go along with her and I just sort of have to stand there while you two stand there laughing at me and I do n't like it .
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