Example sentences of "three days ' work " in BNC.

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1 I knew all these ; had already played with them in my mind , from the most inconsequential ( Mickey Spillane 's ‘ another three days ' work never hurt anyone' ) to the most tragic : the story of Joseph de Jussieu and his search for the fever tree .
2 They were the citoyens who paid at least the equivalent of three days ' work in direct tax .
3 Thatcher gets £250,000 for three days ' work
4 The woman who let Britain slide into the worst depression since the 30s was paid £250,000 last week for just three days ' work on a lecture tour .
5 The outcome of perhaps three days ' work is often no more than ten points on a flip chart , and we would consider that a good rate of striking .
6 Not a bad three days ' work all in all .
7 So how much money will you get for the three days ' work you 've done ?
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