Example sentences of "may be said [prep] " in BNC.

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1 Whatever else may be said about the Cathedral 's architecture and its glass and its sculpture , no one would dispute the success of Ralph Beyer 's contributions , known as The Tablets of the Word and cut in Hollington stone on a grand scale .
2 It happens to be the case that we can not , in our language , refer to the sensible properties of a thing without introducing a word or phrase which appears to stand for the thing itself as opposed to anything which may be said about it .
3 Whatever may be said about his lordship these days — and the great majority of it is , as I say , utter nonsense — I can declare that he was a truly good man at heart , a gentleman through and through , and one I am today proud to have given my best years of service to .
4 Whatever else may be said about Britain 's standing abroad , one indisputable fact , albeit a somewhat dubious distinction , is that , in the field of sexually transmitted diseases , this country leads the world .
5 This being said , and allowing for the fact that much which was viewed as sexually deviant a generation ago is now viewed tolerantly if not taken for granted , a few words may be said about some practices or groups of practices which are generally recognised as deviant from either the normal object , the normal aim or the normal focal issues of sexuality .
6 Whatever may be said about Ecclesiastes — and many things have been said about him — he decried traditional wisdom .
7 If such be the case , what may be said about the Muftiliks of Molla Yegan and Molla Fenari ?
8 The same may be said about loans at call to members of the London Discount Market Association ( LDMA ) .
9 Seisin is a root of title , and it may be said without undue exaggeration that so far as land is concerned there is in England no law of ownership , but only a law of possession .
10 The same may be said of the BMC engine but parts ( service items or for disasters ) are much more readily available for the LR unit .
11 However it ought to be possible to bring the reasons for it out into the light , and by doing so to show that whatever may be said of Tolkien 's view of reality , it was neither escapist nor thoughtless .
12 If this is how her work is to be read , then we are of course back with all the problems of the kairos approach : why has history been what it has been and given what history has been what may be said of God 's intention in relation to women ?
13 And what is said of the resurrection may be said of other miracles .
14 The same may be said of a number of other rural districts designated under Section 19 of the Housing Act 1980 , ostensibly protected but in reality having quite large proportions of their stocks vulnerable .
15 ) The same may be said of the glissando , produced by rapidly drawing in or pushing out the slide .
16 It may be said of many palaeontologists , as Professor Hugh Trevor-Roper said recently of 18th century historians : " Their most serious error was to measure the past by the present " .
17 And the same may be said of most other merely moral duties .
18 I am not confident that either book may be said to be well-written ; that question , too , could be thought to arise .
19 It is in this complicated sense that misogyny and homophobia once more interconnect , and otherness may be said to inhere within the same .
20 Though we have not yet attained a full system of compulsory registration , we may be said to be moving , surely and at an increasing pace , in that direction .
21 Whether or not in our time parents may be said to be justified by the sad statistics of the permissive society , it is certain that in the nineteenth century , parents had little option because of the sad statistics of mortality among children .
22 To that extent there may be said to be a mental element required for this variety of manslaughter , but it is a manifestly low mental element compared with the death which results .
23 The difficulty lies in the fact that the edges are blurred and no one is sure just when youth may be said to be past and the second stage of adult life begun .
24 It is characteristic of fixed capital that it has an assumed lifespan — without taking into account the problem of technological obsolescence — and therefore its replacement may be said to be time-proportional .
25 Our simple macroeconomy may be said to be in equilibrium when aggregate demand ( i.e. the total demand for final goods and services in the economy ) is equal to national income ( i.e. the total value of all final goods and services produced ) : this is often referred to as equilibrium in the goods market .
26 There are those today who may be said to be living as though Pentecost had never taken place .
27 If adjustment to these constraints appears ( on the basis of psychological and/or physiological evidence ) to be innate rather than learned , they may be said to be ‘ built in ’ , or ‘ hard-wired ’ .
28 On the other hand , there is information which may be said to be external to the company , commonly referred to as market information .
29 The level of income at which SB is received is widely accepted as a crude and basic measure of the ‘ poverty line ’ , that point below which people may be said to be ‘ in poverty ’ .
30 It is such questions which one must ask of Christians , particularly Christians who would be feminist , who explain that the creation story ( or any other part of the Christian story which may be said to be sexist ) is to them a ‘ true myth ’ .
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