Example sentences of "are all [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 Despite the fact that spiders are all over the place in Dostoevsky , not just in Svidrigailov 's dirty bathhouse vision of Eternity , and that urban potted plants go back to the beginning in Poor People , we are here firmly inside Crime and Punishment in its abandoned first-person narrative form ( ‘ I am on trial and will tell all ’ ) : Petersburg evenings and their hanging summer light , noises from below , happy workmen , blessed ‘ living life ’ elsewhere , a lonely man in pain passing through gates , over thresholds , slipping up and down staircases , the buzzing By of Raskolnikov 's dream and his awakening , intense time-consciousness alternating with time-oblivion .
2 It is generally agreed that he has mishandled the students , who have been threatened , bullied , fired on with tear-gas grenades ; and now the university is closed which means that these cynical and angry students are all over the country spreading disillusion .
3 Statistics are all over the place .
4 And the eggs are all over the place .
5 These branch off from the main artery , called the aorta , and then divide into lots of smaller branches which are all over the surface of the heart .
6 ITN 's political match-summariser says that ‘ individually the polls are all over the place , but put them all together and you get a message you can trust ’ — not a science graduate , presumably .
7 So your capillaries are all over the place .
8 Er what I have chosen to do is to do what we were doing in the nineteen eighties , which is to take the simplest measure of the maximum flow and the detrusor pressure at that volume and when we do that , you can see that these patients , instead of being a single group of patients with a single kind of bladder pressure and flow , these patients are all over the map .
9 His fingerprints are all over the car .
10 ‘ The police are all over the place .
11 Staff here are all over the moon .
12 Booth , Wright , Smith and Ferguson are all over the age of 21 .
13 employ twelve hundred people , much of their traffic passes through Bungay , their products , their employee and supplies are all over the place and their products are distributed country-wide , much of their traffic goes through Bungay , and I think they both have plans to extend their plants both er Buxton and Bernard Matthews .
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