Example sentences of "be put to [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Since word order is not now needed for signalling an increased specificity of conceptual meaning it can be put to other purposes , as we shall see presently .
2 The points of choice have to be put to other people and it takes patient consultation before everyone can agree about the management plan for a school in which social , academic , moral and community developments all have their place .
3 This can be put to good use in soaring conditions as a means of getting into the lift when cruising at a high speed .
4 The old money-lender with her ‘ Jewish ’ interest rates is to be murdered because her life is worthless and her hoarded wealth can be put to good use ; when the unimportant deed is done the doer will launch himself into something that really matters , a large-scale philanthropic exercise .
5 But if disaster is to be averted , time bought needs to be put to good economic use .
6 But when several such businesses are aggregated at a dockside location the economy of scale offered by the worldwide container business can be put to good advantage both in cost and speed by even the smallest manufacturing unit .
7 For it had occurred to me that the proposed trip in the car could be put to good professional use ; that is to say , I could drive to the West Country and call on Miss Kenton in passing , thus exploring at first hand the substance of her wish to return to employment here at Darlington Hall .
8 But thought itself can be creative and this creative thinking can be put to good use in all areas of life — from running a business to preparing for Christmas .
9 Smith looked to the discipline which he encountered in the Volunteer Force to be put to good use , while the programme of uniform , bands , drill , camps , recreation rooms , and religious instruction was intended to attract young adolescents so that their leisure time might be ‘ organized ’ .
10 You are a unique human being endowed with your own unique wisdom , understanding and experience which can be put to good use to formulate your goals .
11 This done , it was not long before the advantages of trusts in creating rights in third parties came to be seen and to be put to good use .
12 Its 11 November issue appropriately included features on what progress had been made towards war in space , following this with the other end of technology — all the facts on animal power — which proved that running horse transport could be cheaper than vans or lorries , though not mentioning that animal exhausts can be put to good use as well .
13 Alcoves and corners can all be put to good use by turning them into highly attractive display features .
14 Donations to the raffle ranged from champagne to ‘ coasters ’ and together with the bar , helped to swell the profits from the evening to just over £400 , a sum which will be put to good use in helping us to continue to offer free pregnancy testing at our Lancaster office , together with confidential counselling for those with problem pregnancies and a helping hand for those experiencing difficulties following an abortion .
15 This can sometimes be done very successfully by helping her to channel her energy and abilities into some local club or voluntary service organisation where her talent for management can be put to good use , as well as meeting her own need to be a little bit of a ‘ bossy-boots ’ .
16 The Church has already agreed to let Pat have our morning tapes to give them free of charge , and if anyone else would like to send anything , it could be put to good use .
17 Ten hard years in many ways , which I 'm sure will be put to good use , as the Lord does n't waste anything .
18 The evidence shows that such children will make greater progress in English if they know that their knowledge of their mother tongue is valued , if it is recognised that their experience of language is likely to be greater than that of their monoglot peers and , indeed , if their knowledge and experience can be put to good use in the classroom to the benefit of all pupils to provide examples of the structure and syntax of different languages , to provide a focus for discussion about language forms and for contrast and comparison with the structure of the English language .
19 The charity said the cash , from the cost of calls to a special number , ‘ will be put to good use ’ .
20 Having tried out these various methods you might consider them too time-consuming to use for large areas but they are so attractive that they can be put to good use as trimmings .
21 If any readers have an idea what it might be and how it may be put to good use , please let me know — IM
22 so that even if we get a young person coming out of the workshops that may not be the best electrician going , we can find them something in a related area — an electrical warehouse , where their knowledge of the bits that they know will be put to good use and they 'll still be in that environment they want to work in .
23 Edward may well have been thinking of exploiting his Gascon possessions militarily , as well as financially , and the frequent references to military service in the Recogniciones were to be put to good use .
24 The sovereign legal rights of the French crown could , if and when required , be put to good political use in undermining the authority and prestige of the king-duke within his duchy .
25 Although I was unemployed I paid my subscription as I knew the money would be put to good use .
26 Woodworm and beetle infestation makes much of it unsuitable for structural work but treated and cleaned up with an adze to give it the right period look , much of it could be put to good decorative effect .
27 In the Duma and in the press loyalists were loudest in their demands that Russian interests be vigorously defended , that the massive expenditure on armaments be put to good use .
28 These lessons should be put to good use by the rightful participants in an appropriate forum .
29 This is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use in furthering the protection of the beautiful Welsh countryside .
30 Eva 's voice lessons were to be put to good effect .
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