Example sentences of "with [noun pl] all over " in BNC.

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1 Well , I waited up until three o'clock in the morning and he crawled in with footmarks all over his nice new suit where he 'd fallen on the floor and let everybody trample over him , blood pouring down his shirt from a head wound , a balloon tied round his neck and a paper hat on .
2 With our London office , we are perfectly placed to compete with solicitors all over the country , and , what 's more , we charge less . ’
3 Quite a big business , with contracts all over this part of the country . ’
4 Whereas BA senior finds it hard to survive between annual meetings — and now has difficulty in attracting 1500 people to what should be an annual science feast — BAYS is a thriving operation , with branches all over the country .
5 Contact Victim Support ( see box ) , a counselling service with branches all over the country .
6 As director of the Lucerne Festival , and principal conductor of the London Mozart Players , as well as a regular guest conductor with orchestras all over the world , he is well placed to promote the cause .
7 This game is based on the Simon game that was a hit with kids all over the U.K. a number of years ago .
8 Unlike many of its southern competitors Bell Lawrie , which is very much an Edinburgh stockbroker , albeit with clients all over the country , ensured that the institutional money only represented 25 per cent of its equity — the money coming from the Bank of Scotland , Ivory & sime and Edinburgh Investment Trust .
9 With blisters all over his feet .
10 The villa was run to support everyone who lived there , but as well as this , surplus products , especially wool and grain , were traded with other parts of Britain and with provinces all over the Roman Empire .
11 Average mothers , with ten children between them , expressing the typical anxiety ( shared with parents all over the world ) what their offspring eat this evening should be good , wholesome and , above all , safe .
12 With bids all over the room , as well as on phones , the Baltimore Museum 's $28,000 ( £20,000 ) bid took it beyond the grasp of New York painting dealer Stuart Feld ( who really did n't need it , having nine others ) .
13 Even then , among the debris with smuts all over his face , he still retained his poise .
14 ‘ We deal with companies all over Europe and the French are pretty good .
15 with tins all over the sitting room .
16 Having been exporters for decades , Japan 's car makers are at last becoming real multinationals , with factories all over the world .
17 We are committed to our Strategic Intent of becoming the world 's foremost brewer , working with partners all over the world to continue providing quality products and an excellent service to an increasing number of customers .
18 He was wearing a long woolly pullover with hedgehogs all over it , nothing else .
19 The work that began for me then , with friends all over South Africa , led up to the Pretoria Conference last Easter , 1974 .
20 In 1906 a herdbook for the ‘ race rouge flamande ’ was opened , with members all over West Flanders , and it included red animals found to the north of the main breeding zone as well : only external appearances were taken into account until 1920 , when a breed society was formed .
21 The society grew rapidly and Mary Sumner , an indefatigable letter-writer , kept in touch with members all over the world .
22 Streamline Graded Readers are based on the same clear and well-controlled syllabus which has made the Streamline coursebooks popular with teachers all over the world .
23 Working with children all over Britain
24 With hospitals all over Britain restricting admissions , the problems of London becoming more evident by the day , and general practice fundholders stealing a march on non-fundholders , ministers are faced with a complex set of challenges .
25 They often find it easier to deal with an agency rather than directly with someone , ’ said a spokesman for Poppies , the Darlington-based company with franchises all over the country ( –444 ) .
26 From the minutes of the meeting of 15 January , it seems that the society was already in touch with correspondents all over the United Kingdom .
27 Now in its third year , the RUNNING Magazine/Sports Tours International Challenge has firmly established itself as a favourite with competitors all over Europe .
28 Our future lies in further developing the appeal of our outstanding portfolio of brands with consumers all over the world .
29 Speedsailing is now firmly established as a part of the competitive scene , with events all over the world including the famous course in England at Weymouth .
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