Example sentences of "with [noun sg] all over " in BNC.

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1 mine , with hair all over it , my hair for my brush
2 I told the co-pilot to take over and I went back to the radio room and saw Charlie with blood all over his head and the front of his flight suit ’ .
3 Lamarr jumped back dropping the broken pieces and with blood all over his hand and face .
4 Managers are often shrieking you know about what 's happening next rather than you know , all their players are jumping with joy all over each other and you think and they 're saying get in your positions .
5 But one of the demonstrators , Cat Wiener , said : ‘ One player got hit in the ear by an egg , and others ended up with flour all over them . ’
6 Now old wore a black thing afore his shirt , now because he was with ink all over him you see , but he he he did n't do this .
7 A second opinion was sought and , short-sightedly , my parents agreed to put me in those gorgeous National Health jobs which are now sported by your average Yuppie but which then made you look second only in berkishness to the kid in the owl specs with elastoplast all over one lens .
8 This woman I 'd never seen , darker than me , darker than mum , my height but four times as big every other way , her hair hanging down in a big shaggy mane that looked as if she cut it herself once a year , big wooden earrings in her ears and a dress down to the floor with embroidery all over it and her feet stuffed into ugly shoes that were made of leather She told us that She wanted us to admire them , because this was a big day for her , Auntie Muriel had got dressed up to come to the city and see her sister and her sister 's child .
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