Example sentences of "i [be] talking to " in BNC.

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1 ‘ And he went to the degree of saying , when I pressed him , how are we going to stay in this business ; he said , Albert , for all I know right now when I am talking to you , we could be finished with the business ; I do n't know . ’
2 Barbel fishing in the early days , and I am talking to more than a hundred years ago , was very popular amongst the gentry , who used to employ a man to bait a swim with thousands of lobworms over a period of days , sometimes weeks .
3 I am talking to you . ’
5 An when I am talking to meself in poetry I talk ,
6 Here I am talking to you about myself — a thing I assure you I very very rarely do — while you are shrinking from making the slightest personal communication to me .
7 My order will not succeed as an order unless the person I am talking to is obliged to clean their boots ( condition 3 ) , and I have the right and the power to make them do so ( condition 4 ) .
8 I am talking to a man who has seen things I can only imagine .
9 After half an hour 's dedicated sales pitch , I find I am talking to a devoted collector of Hummel figurines .
10 Whether I am talking to the residents of Moss Side in Manchester , or Scotswood in Newcastle , I am left in no doubt that they dislike their local councillors and councils as much as they dislike the Government .
11 Well I would expect that the Prime Minister would , I think this nonsense that is behind all this is that because I am talking to Gerry Adams , they do n't want to be seen to be talking to me because it looks this fingerprint argument
12 I am talking to Kathleen , not you !
13 Now I am talking to Hello .
14 Erm , current speaker will next speaker by name , so when I speak to you and I call your name , you know that I am talking to you .
15 No need to neglect the chickens just because I 'm talking to Jin . ’
16 And stop that damn blinking and twitching when I 'm talking to you , boy .
17 I 'm talking to everybody , ’ is all he will say about his negotiations with the TV companies .
18 I 'm talking to you .
19 I 'm talking to you .
20 ‘ Will you please look at me when I 'm talking to you , ’ Ashi fumed .
21 I 'm talking to the dog . ’
22 But Newbon goes on to explain : ‘ He 's now gone and I 'm talking to the present managing director .
23 I just try to make sure I look at the person I 'm talking to , and show them I 'm interested .
24 The only time I do that is when I 'm talking to journalists and they ask me questions about the past .
25 I 'm talking to you .
26 " Do n't you dare walk off when I 'm talking to you , Timothy Amsterdam .
27 I remember once I took you by the shoulders and said , ‘ Listen , love , I 'm talking to you about your mother . ’
28 This is George Roxborough of expense account fame I 'm talking to ?
29 I 'm , I 'm talking to him about the planned s filing system as well , which is
30 Minny , I 'm not writing to you , I 'm talking to myself .
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