Example sentences of "i [verb] [be] talking " in BNC.

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1 I told him I 'd been talking to Richie .
2 A lot of them related to the data I 'd been passing but also he 'd want to know who I 'd been talking to .
3 ‘ She was complaining at not being able to get through because my number was engaged and I said I 'd been talking to you .
4 After I 'd been talking to him about leaving .
5 I 'd been talking to someone about the effects of music , cos there 's a couple of court cases going on .
6 The working groups are currently on working on that , and they , my colleagues I assume are talking to the the officers of the Social Services about that , what is happening , but the final outcome has yet to appear .
7 I heard about the first one pretty soon , the next night in fact , because everyone I knew was talking about the arrival of the new beauty .
8 Duncan and I had been talking for about ten minutes or more and swatting the increasing number of mosquitoes that always arrived in force at this time of the evening .
9 If you take into account the fact that I have been up till after midnight every night since Monday , that I have a cold , and that that morning I had been talking on a sore throat from 9.30 to 1 o'clock , perhaps you will understand . ’
10 I had been talking about it ever since our time out there .
11 I had or had had cancer — a most serious disease — yet I had been talking as if it was all a joke .
12 On a course recently someone suggested I had been talking too much and should be told to keep quiet .
13 I stayed in the bottom class , but noticed the girl that I had been talking to was in another class .
14 I realised that I had been talking about the convent without explanation or location .
15 For some time it seems I 've been talking to myself .
16 I 've been talking with Father O'Harte , and I 'm come back .
17 ‘ All these years I 've been talking and telling , ’ he writes , ‘ and I 'm not sure if anybody listens or understands me .
18 I 've been talking to people about this , 'cos everyone thinks the video is so sexy , you know .
19 ‘ We came here ’ , Miss Honey said , ‘ to talk about you and I 've been talking about nothing but myself the whole time .
20 I 've been talking to Dr Wickram about this .
21 There 's very little room for the qualitative work I 've been talking about : it it is there it tends to get tacked on to an existing project when the sociologist is brought in to provide expertise on survey design or interviewing or to use a standard measure of patient ‘ quality of life . ’
22 Erm , oh I have got something else , which is music , erm , at the last meeting I said I 've been talking to Simon from the Queen 's Hall , about the idea of doing pre-concert notes
23 Now we know that Antarctic bottom water is formed here in the Webber Sea and the samples that I 've been talking about were taken here in the South Georgia basin , so we can see that it has taken seventeen years for the water to travel from here to here .
24 I 've been talking to Adèle .
25 What k what kind what 's changed in the short time are the things Wh when I 've been talking to them about the publicity you said that , The last few years there 's there has been
26 ‘ Oh , come on , ’ said Finn , ‘ I 've been talking to Betty .
27 I 've been talking to a lot of people . ’
28 " I 've been talking to Adrian , " Helen whispered back .
29 ‘ Rune , I 've been talking to Suzie … ’
30 Erm the service continues next term with me starting and then Mike taking over half way through and what I 'll be doing is supplying the general two theoried two theoretic semantics that I 've been talking about erm two specific instructions in a natural language I can get what six
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