Example sentences of "is often argued that " in BNC.

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1 It is often argued that we would all be better off if we followed the Warsaw Pact system of accepting their superpower 's equipment , produced mainly in the Soviet Union , but also in satellite countries like Czechoslovakia .
2 However , it is often argued that when barriers are taken down and teachers start to work in teams developing courses and assessing pupils ' responses , real improvements begin to occur .
3 Since class is generally defined by male socioeconomic status , it is often argued that women are more able to transcend class than men .
4 Thus it is often argued that statutes punishing cruelty to animals can only be explained in that way .
5 It is often argued that television has contributed much to the trivialization of politics in general and to the nomination process in particular .
6 For example , it is often argued that it is common sense and natural that women will engage in child-rearing and domestic tasks and that men will make sexual advances and will work outside the home .
7 If a British multinational invests in plant abroad , it is often argued that it weakens British industry because the resources could have been used to invest in new production in the UK .
8 Secondly , it is often argued that farm workers are compensated for their low wages by a cornucopia of payments in kind .
9 It is often argued that the latter type of identifying references are really parasitic upon the former .
10 It is often argued that if a child learned how to recode unfamiliar letter strings — printed words not previously encountered — into a phonological form , this would permit reading to be parasitic on an already established ability to access the semantics of a word from its phonology .
11 As a consequence , it is often argued that there is a greater need for additional performance measures , and that these measures should be more detailed in non-profit organizations ; in other words , that the wider accountability questions are more immediate and important .
12 Nevertheless , it is often argued that if the same sum were derived from indirect taxation , then any net disincentive effect that did occur would be that much smaller .
13 It is often argued that the institutions put the objective of profitability before the interests of the clients when making loans .
14 It is often argued that survey data give a very limited analysis of managerial policies which are developed over a period to deal with specific problems and this study should help to test such methodological criticisms .
15 It is often argued that equities are more marketable as they are a better safeguard against inflation because they will reflect the rise in the nominal value of real assets during an inflationary period .
16 It is often argued that the costs of regulation are front-end loaded , with the majority of costs being met with the startup of the SROs , subsequent running costs being minimal compared with the turnover of most financial institutions .
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