Example sentences of "is assumed that a " in BNC.

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1 For the avoidance of doubt it is assumed that a church building presently exists on land owned by the church and that adjacent to that site is land that could be developed .
2 Although the Eleventh Directive does not define ‘ branch ’ , it is assumed that a European Court would interpret a branch according to the definition in the Bank Branches Directive , which is much narrower than ‘ a place of business ’ .
3 Thus , it is assumed that a test of linguistic ability actually measures language as opposed to some other characteristic .
4 It is assumed that a text , or a film , is not something which has a set of meanings which can be extracted from it , but something whose meanings exist only because they are part of a wider social world ; people can find meanings only if their world shares some common meanings with that of the text .
5 In Green and Porter 's model it is assumed that a firm 's choice of output can not be observed by another firm , and the sum of all outputs determines market price according to a demand function which is subject to unobservable random shocks .
6 It is assumed that a particular 's individuality , its numerical distinctness from any other existent , is ensured by the spatial location it happens to occupy at any given time .
7 It is assumed that a given complex of qualities owes its " individuality " to its completeness .
8 In the special theory of relativity it is assumed that a single inertial frame can be applied to the whole Universe , but at the cost of neglecting acceleration !
9 In this connection , it is assumed that a sufficiently positive association between peptic ulceration and the allele of a defined genetic locus indicates that the genetic trait plays a part in the pathogenesis of the ulceration .
10 It is assumed that a tribunal will not be willing to make an order for reinstatement or re-engagement .
11 It is assumed that a claim is limited to £5,000 , and so falls within the trial jurisdiction of the district judge , unless it is stated in the particulars that the claim is more .
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