Example sentences of "is assumed that the " in BNC.

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1 In other academic areas it is assumed that the teacher knows more than the student , and is there to convey this knowledge , whether as a corpus or a skill .
2 The discussion is more neutral only in so far as it is assumed that the curriculum ( such a global phenomenon ) is no-one 's responsibility in particular , and clearly this is so in an individual sense — but it is however the responsibility of the profession to take a leading role in this area and at the moment it is not fulfilling this role .
3 Here it is assumed that the child 's right to education is a correlative of the parent 's duty to send the child to school .
4 It is assumed that the shallow water Lower Carboniferous carbonates uncomformably overlie a platform of these older rocks , which locally are intersected by the pre-Permian surface because of thrusting or uplift and erosion .
5 It is assumed that the two approaching waves are both known , and it is required to find the exact solution which describes the interaction following the collision .
6 In this approach , it is assumed that the initial conditions are determined by the functions and which represents the wave in region II as it reaches the boundary , and by which represents the wave in region III as it reaches the boundary .
7 Although expressed simply , it is assumed that the necessary liaison takes place between the sub-systems of the model on matters of common interest .
8 In traditional studies of the way inhomogeneities — lumps of matter in the form of clusters of galaxies — form in the expanding Universe , it is assumed that the dominant influence is a mass , or density perturbation .
9 As in the services , it is assumed that the ‘ man ’ will trust his senior managers because , in the final analysis , they have to be trusted as they are the only ones to hold the total picture of the situation of the company .
10 It is assumed that the UK group satisfies the small group criteria in s 249 and since it is not an ineligible group for the purposes of s 248 , it need not prepare group accounts .
11 It is assumed that the interior of the cap was lined with soft leather .
12 Here , it is assumed that the severity of any language problem is indicated by the extent to which a child 's language differs from that found among other children of a similar age .
13 It is assumed that the fact that teachers and pupils are together in a special classroom implies the presence of an educational programme relevant to the development of children ; also that the presence of a teacher provides effective educational programmes … in practice none of these desiderata have been met .
14 Similarly it is assumed that the conditions under which the reading will take place are the same as those of writing which are usually a clean well-lit office .
15 Indeed , perceptual constancies are only a puzzle if it is assumed that the visual system acts like a camera .
16 It is assumed that the μ and ratios in the precursor source , that is before enrichment , were variable in proportion to their respective Pb isotope ratios .
17 In medical practice , and especially in medical economics , it is assumed that the identification of a foetus with a disability by amniocentesis ( CVS ) will inevitably lead to an abortion .
18 In both , it is assumed that the criminal law can and should be used to protect or to reinforce moral principles .
19 A business mistake is made , and it is assumed that the mistake would have been avoided if somebody at a higher position in the organization had known about it , or had intervened .
20 In other words , it is assumed that the investor trades on a time basis ; he would be selling in any event , irrespective of the insider trader and without being influenced by the price of the security in question .
21 It is assumed that the eigenvalues in unc ( and the corresponding eigenvectors in X ) are so ordered that unc has the eigenvalues unc in descending order of magnitude down the diagonal , so that 1 and the first vector in X define the fundamental frequency and mode .
22 Nor does the arts/science distinction make much sense in terms of graduate employment , if it is assumed that the distinction is based on a simple non-vocational/vocational one or ‘ non-relevant/relevant ’ one .
23 Thus it is assumed that the attitude-holder might possess certain beliefs , whose content implicitly can be taken as a criticism of counter-stances , but these stances may not yet have been historically realized in argument .
24 The approach which is adopted in this book , and which is described in this introductory chapter , is a variety of ‘ contextual ’ approach : it is assumed that the semantic properties of a lexical item are fully reflected in appropriate aspects of the relations it contracts with actual and potential contexts .
25 But the Belfast and Edinburgh situations are abnormal and irregular only if it is assumed that the patterns revealed in the New York City study are the normal and regular ones , and that Labov 's findings on the structure of that speech community are universally applicable .
26 But we do not generally fall into the trap of believing that a statistical correlation between two variables demonstrates that one is the cause of the other ; it is assumed that the actuation of language change is multi-causal , and we have frequently demonstrated that the speaker-variables interact with one another ( that is , that no speaker-variable all by itself can ‘ explain' a given configuration of language ) .
27 It is assumed that the evaluation of particular practices in particular contexts is more relevant to the educational and professional needs of teachers and schools and therefore more likely to result in improvement .
28 In other words it is assumed that the difficulty of the item will be the same for any individual irrespective of his or her previous learning experiences etc .
29 In the former illustration it is assumed that the replacement vehicles will simply provide a similar service to those vehicles presently operated .
30 Once it is assumed that the third party would be liable to the plaintiffs for damages of a particular kind , it must follow that he has some responsibility for those damages .
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