Example sentences of "is clear that a " in BNC.

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1 It is clear that a certain possessiveness took over in his mother , always deeply caring and attentive , from which Leonard had to struggle to free himself .
2 It is clear that a roaring trade in cars ( not included in retail sales ) was part of the reason for the £2bn current account deficit that month .
3 It is clear that a main attraction of the project for its participants was the opportunity offered to obtain a large amount of space in a Central London location for a modest outlay .
4 It is clear that a payment made by him for goods bought is binding , though payment could not have been enforced against him .
5 In either case , it is clear that a parent who wants his/her child to receive denominational RE at school may have to pay for it .
6 If it is clear that a listed building is being neglected and is in urgent need of repair , and the owner has no plans to remedy this or to sell the property , the next stage is simple .
7 It is clear that a reduction or increase in funding did not automatically lead to similar changes in each of the schools .
8 Whatever approach is adopted , it is clear that a comprehensive service for the management of attempted suicide patients should be staffed by personnel interested in working with such people and their problems .
9 It is clear that a great deal of ley hunting done over the past 50 years has been hunting chance alignments .
10 It is clear that a baby or a young person is able to grow anatomically and physiologically without hearing stories or reading books .
11 From graph ( iii ) , it is clear that a demand for labour of OM ( greater than the labour force ) leads to an unemployment percentage of OU 1 .
12 It is clear that a swing has occurred to a position where the greatest proportion of maintenance effort is now spent at the problem/solution identification stage .
13 The Prince of Wales will open it , and it is clear that a weak environmentalism informs much of the festival 's symbolism .
14 When one considers that relatively few women were accused , and that a large proportion of the population were children , it is clear that a remarkably high number of adult males , around one in five , were brought before the courts each year .
15 Combine this with more than 200 branches ( all separate charities ) , ‘ a massive number ’ of animal homes and an inspectorate which is ‘ probably the largest private prosecutor in the country ’ , and it is clear that a close rein has to be kept on finances .
16 It is clear that a leisure centre can turn a Monday-to-Thursday out-of-town operation into a seven-day-a-week one and thus substantially increase occupancy rates .
17 It shows , unequivocally , that many men in the last years of their lives do assume roles and perform tasks which have been traditionally associated with women , and it is clear that a substantial number do so with skill and tenderness .
18 Its widely available policy leaflet now acknowledges that , ‘ it is clear that a very large part of school biology need not involve dissection ’ whilst warning that students intending careers in the subject ( and in associated areas like dentistry , or human or veterinary science ) will be required to dissect at college or university level .
19 Only one of the statutes accords the title of gentleman to landowners of this magnitude , yet it is clear that a great many , if not most of them , laid claim to the style even at the risk of carrying a bigger sail than they could bear .
20 However , it is clear that a mistake can relate to two quite different types of circumstance , namely circumstances qualified by mens rea and circumstances not qualified by mens rea .
21 From the recent work of Clive Partridge at Skeleton Green , Herts , it is clear that a trading post had been set up c .
22 Following this , it is clear that a strong distinction can be made between rule on the one hand and normative regularity on the other .
23 Whatever his sins it is clear that a man subject to such fits of remorse would have been well aware that a crusade was a religious act as well as a great military adventure .
24 Then f may now be written as the quadratic form of which the matrix is the leading minor of A of order b — 1 , and we may deduce , corresponding to ( 22 ) , unc Now , by putting unc we establish a similar result for unc and so on , so that finally we establish that unc From ( 21 ) it is clear that a necessary and sufficient condition that f shall be positive is that Di shall be positive , all i .
25 Whatever else , it is clear that a modernist representation would not accurately capture the organizational patterns of contemporary Japanese organization , which have served in the 1980s as if they were a very beacon of postmodernity , given the role that various representations of them have played in recent debates .
26 For some groups , for instance , it is clear that a relatively high income , and the style of consumption which accompanies that , can induce a ‘ middle class ’ self-identification despite having a ‘ manual , occupation .
27 While in the early history of the struggle for freedom of speech the restrictions were enforced by criminal prosecutions , it is clear that a civil action is as great , if not a greater , restriction than a criminal prosecution .
28 Moreover , it is clear that a verdict of death aggravated by the lack of care may be a ‘ free-standing ’ verdict .
29 It is clear that a comprehensive review of both the variables to be included in the deprivation index and the level of disaggregation to be used is necessary and Hobcraft 's call for more work in this area in chapter 9 , is timely .
30 While it is clear that a trespasser is a ‘ stranger ’ for this purpose , we can only conjecture who else is included in the term .
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