Example sentences of "was assumed to be " in BNC.

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1 The reasons are simple : Quisling , a former army officer , diplomat , and minister of defence was the first of his kind ; and his bid for power , though his own idea , by coinciding with the German takeover was assumed to be part of it .
2 Added to this was an acceptance of liberal Victorian culture to such a degree that it was assumed to be as eternal as the gospel itself .
3 The result was that his serious physical illness was assumed to be a form of ‘ school phobia ’ and his parents were threatened with a court order if he did not return to school Access to the file , including the head 's letter , would have enabled correction of the factual errors at least and perhaps an accurate diagnosis of his illness to be made .
4 It would have been impossible to predict the way events developed after October 1917 , and the policy of the Party seemed on numerous grounds to be the most sensible , the only one which went some way to reconciling the need for large economic units ( which , rightly or wrongly , was assumed to be decisive for material progress ) and for democracy , understood as the right of peoples to choose their own State .
5 There was assumed to be a counterpart in human events to every celestial phenomenon .
6 For the first six months of my mother 's pregnancy , I was assumed to be indigestion .
7 In this case Tx was assumed to be negligible .
8 The culprit was assumed to be the young woman whose charred body had been trapped by the flames ; she was identified as a feminist — funny , when PopCon had been giving money and moral support to feminist groups .
9 No pornographer has ever been punished for being a woman-hater. but not too long ago information about female sexuality , contraception and abortion was assumed to be obscene .
10 It suddenly became clear to me that I was assumed to be equally as wilfully ignorant .
11 Until March he was assumed to be a reliable , if conservative , servant of the president .
12 Until recently it was assumed to be a flattened axisymmetric spheroid ( that is , one which is round in the plane of the Galaxy ) .
13 The intrapatient standard deviation for this parameter was assumed to be 0.6 mmol/l .
14 Unfortunately , until well into the twentieth century , the safe period was assumed to be at mid-month .
15 A second barrel was opened , and a third , but some said this was n't necessary , for it was the accepted custom that if one barrel was found to be wanting , the shortage was assumed to be the same in all the rest .
16 That is , the specialisation of the left hemisphere for language among inverters was assumed to be less complete than the right sided specialisation of non-inverters .
17 The act of shipping the barley in Maynegrain was assumed to be sufficient to amount to conversion , but the position is different where the defendant innocently interferes with P 's goods whether upon his own initiative or upon the instructions of another , when the defendant 's act amounts to nothing more than transport or custody of the goods .
18 However , in all these papers , wage determination was assumed to be exogenous .
19 The investigator also plans to follow up a finding that having perfected the distinction between meaning and message , children may come to view reality in a new way : incoming information can be construed as offering clues about reality , whereas before it was assumed to be reality .
20 The same concern was assumed to be behind a White Paper introduced in Parliament in December 1989 outlining proposed restrictions on " political activities " by religious groups .
21 Opposition to expenditure , on the other hand , was assumed to be diffused and less well-organized and so of less concern to elected representatives .
22 With high K + solution in the bath , cell membrane voltage was assumed to be zero , and V c o m was therefore equivalent to the potential across the membrane patch in both the cell attached and inside out configurations .
23 Six weeks before and immediately after the closedown was assumed to be a more stressful time for the 100 men than one and two years later when 90 per cent of them had found alternative employment .
24 Earlier practice was assumed to be a group activity to which all lent potential imaginative content .
25 The admitted fact that South America and Africa look a bit like separated pieces of a jigsaw puzzle was assumed to be just an amusing coincidence .
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