Example sentences of "was around [art] [noun] " in BNC.

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1 T. B. In those days , a bobby was a good catch for a woman — in a regular job and a good wage — average working man 's wage was around a pound to thirty shillings .
2 She imagined a lifetime among her own Dreamed creations , knowing exactly what they would say next , exactly what was around every corner .
3 Dr Margaret Ashwell told the conference that the worst form of middle-age spread was around the middle as the traditional beer-belly shape meant more fat was concentrated where it does most harm — around the internal organs .
4 Another person who was around the scene at the time was Chrissie Hynde who , after Malcolm 's shop and writing for the NME , had really been scuffling around .
5 Yet I gather that Mr Muggeridge was around the school in the grounds tonight . ’
6 IBM Corp 's personal computer business was around the break-even level or may have been profitable in the first three months of this year , the president of IBM Personal Computer Co Robert Corrigan told the New York Times : he says he thinks ‘ people will be surprised at how quickly we 're bringing this business back , ’ and that it should be solidly profitable before year-end ; problem is that its closest rivals , Compaq Computer Corp and Dell Computer Corp , which both faced the same problems as IBM , adjusted to the change in the market much more quickly , and rushed appropriate machines out while IBM procrastinated , so that they are already strongly profitable while IBM is still having to build up momentum .
7 IBM is very touchy on the issue of morale : last week in New York when we got around to asking Bill Filip what the mood was around the joint , the spin doctors converged and shuffled him off .
8 The generator itself was around the back of the reception block , protected from interference or vandalism by a welded metal walk-in cage inside a lean-to shed .
9 And it was around the locality that loyalty was built .
10 It was around the family table that Blanc learned to respect food .
11 While I was around the bus at least 8 bottle of the fizzy stuff was transported onto the team bus for consumption on the way back .
12 The rise in unemployment frustrated the government 's spending plans , because of the rising costs of social security ; it also undermined the credibility of the government 's claims that its economic strategy was working and that economic recovery was around the corner .
13 The return of socialism would be the ‘ road to nowhere , a dead end ’ at a time when economic recovery was around the corner .
14 The man hurried on , throwing the leaflet in a waste-paper bin as soon as he was around the corner by the newspaper stand .
15 The Macedonian government was able to press its claim for recognition , which had been blocked by Greece , by threatening that war was around the corner .
16 You 've been threatened and harassed , and worrying about what was around the corner .
17 The drug-store , where he had breakfasted late , was around the corner on Walnut Street , a deep dim-lit room with a counter and stools midway down one side , after the racks of magazines and trinkets .
18 The entrance to Cathy Carne 's flat was around the corner — a wooden stairacse , well maintained , with a canopied landing at the top .
19 Under it , major changes in reserves would have created an overwhelming presumption that a change in the exchange rate was around the corner , and thus encouraged speculation on what was in effect a certain bet .
20 But this time the tape was sagging so low it was around the horse 's knees .
21 But this time the tape was sagging so low it was around the horse 's knees .
22 There was no motive , and Greg had no notion whether he was around the house at the time or not .
23 But she was around the house long enough for me to figure out that whatever arguments she has with herself , at the end of the day she will find some really crackerjack reason for doing whatever it is she wanted to do anyway .
24 Armies chose these banks as suitable places for crossing the Rhine , and a particularly eventful time was around the end of the eighteenth century and the start of the next .
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