Example sentences of "is [adv] assumed that " in BNC.

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1 It is widely assumed that Elders will not bother to hold on to any Scottish shares and its 23.7 per cent stake will be acquired and used as the springboard for a bid .
2 Because the economy is in recession , it is widely assumed that the government will and should cut interest rates .
3 It is widely assumed that the general , who has been doing his best to fan the speculation , will try to become prime minister after he leaves the army .
4 These days , it is widely assumed that monitoring of firms by close , caring banks is a better way to run things than the arms-length institutional ownership of America and Britain .
5 It is widely assumed that ‘ real ’ country people are in favour of development as a source of new jobs and housing while the rich commuter is only concerned to protect his equity and a style of living which has never been available to the locals .
6 It is widely assumed that the more efficiently a stock market functions the better off everyone is .
7 This attitude to non-verbal communication has been encouraged by the popularisation of right-brain left-brain studies and amongst those who sponsor the soft primitivism that I have just referred to it is widely assumed that the verbal capabilities of the left cerebral hemisphere have been over-developed by a culture which puts too much emphasis on linguistic finesse and that the expressive repertoire of the supposedly holistic right hemisphere has been dangerously neglected as a consequence .
8 It is widely assumed that restoration of intestinal continuity inevitably results in a better quality of life for the patient , but that is not necessarily the case .
9 It is widely assumed that different ICUs can be compared by the ratio of actual mortality to that predicted by the APACHE score .
10 It is widely assumed that these scoring systems can be used for comparisons .
11 It is widely assumed that the Bundesbank council will effect a 50 basic points cut in official rates at either the meeting this Thursday or on 1 April .
12 Alternatively , it is perhaps assumed that without franchises there would be a vertically integrated chain , which would be less socially desirable .
13 It is apparently assumed that the contents of current affairs programmes can be neatly listed in three columns , headed respectively Favourable to Us , Favourable to Them and Neutral .
14 Rape is only held to have been committed in English law where the sexual intercourse is ‘ unlawful ’ , and it is generally assumed that the function of that term is to remove non-consensual intercourse between a man and his wife from the ambit of rape .
15 On the other hand the EEC Nine produces only 64% of its consumption of sheep meat and it is generally assumed that the UK with approximately 25% of the EEC sheep flock and as the leading producer of 50% of Community production is well placed to reap some advantage which could be of benefit to the hills and upland areas .
16 It is generally assumed that pus-cells in the urethra are synonymous with infection and the pus-cell is treated vigorously from Bath to Bangkok and from Memphis to Madras as if it were an infectious organism itself .
17 But because the demand for central control has arisen out of a general dissatisfaction with education , and this dissatisfaction is often directed towards an excess of ‘ creativity ’ in the classroom , a lack of a disciplined work-force , it is generally assumed that the central common curriculum to be nationally accepted would be down-to-earth , factual , able to be assessed , and marked by a tick or a cross .
18 It is generally assumed that it is not cost-effective to screen either younger or older women , but the achievements of any screening in this area are unclear .
19 It is generally assumed that at postgraduate level and above users can look after themselves .
20 It is generally assumed that the use of and will enhance plural reference in this example .
21 As we have already indicated , it is generally assumed that in future there is likely to be a further reduction in the proportion of people of pensionable age who will be earning currently and hence adding to the gross national product as the latter is now calculated .
22 It is generally assumed that ASL is historically linked to the French Sign Language of the early 19th century , researchers seeing evidence of cognate signs in French Sign Language and ASL ( fig. 8.1 ) .
23 Lampreys and hagfishes lack a differentiated stomach , and it is generally assumed that all agnathans were similarly microphagous with no need for a stomach .
24 The term substantial steps is used because prior to that stage it is generally assumed that there is nothing for the offeror to disclose publicly .
25 Myths abound in the heroin community as to the meaning of ‘ notification ’ and ‘ registration ’ and it is generally assumed that all ‘ official ’ agencies are in league with one another .
26 It is generally assumed that the rise of more widespread educational opportunities has given children of working-class parents the chance to study for the qualifications necessary to enter middle-class occupations .
27 Among modern believers , it is generally assumed that once upon a time there was a ‘ pure ’ form of Christianity preached by Paul , from which various ‘ deviations ’ — that is , ‘ heresies ’ — subsequently occurred .
28 It is generally assumed that endogenous LH release occurs IS -20 h after the midpoint of the second dark period following PMSG administration .
29 However , it is generally assumed that rug-weaving was brought into China , probably from Turkestan or Mongolia , some time before the reign of Emperor K'ang Hsi ( 1661–1722 ) , a noted patron of the arts who may well have encouraged its assimilation into Chinese artistic life .
30 It is generally assumed that international forces have a great influence on the UK so that it is the international economy which determines the character of the crossroads now facing the UK .
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