Example sentences of "is [adv] clear that " in BNC.

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1 It is since clear that Lord Salisbury did not give his own views .
2 It is furthermore clear that when he expressed a favourable judgement on the Romanization of Spain and Gaul he was not copying what his most recent editor , F. Lasserre , has imagined to be a panegyric of Augustus .
3 The argument is sufficiently clear that it can be formulated mathematically , and the equilibrial balance calculated .
4 It is so clear that to look into it takes your breath away : there is no sense of depth and the rocks could be two or twenty metres away .
5 Indeed this is so clear that I sometimes wonder why so much effort usually goes into attempting to prove it .
6 We believe that no one should be found guilty of a crime unless the statute or other piece of legislation establishing that crime is so clear that he must have known his act was criminal , or would have known if he had made any serious attempt to discover whether it was .
7 It is abundantly clear that the homeless have nothing to hope for from the socialist Government , which promised them so much in 1945 and so little in 1950 .
8 It is abundantly clear that this God will never let his people go .
9 Mr Smith retorted : ‘ It is abundantly clear that you either do n't know how many billions of pounds were lost or you are unwilling to tell us . ’
10 It is abundantly clear that there was no enthusiasm amongst the English nobility for a renewal of war , and the triumphant campaign that now ensued was prepared by the king himself and a small group of his military supporters , notably Henry Percy of Alnwick and William de Clinton .
11 It is abundantly clear that Mr Radice has two main objectives — to ensure that the Department of Health is required to give its reasons why a product licence for a medicine is granted , revoked , or suspended , and to ensure that patients are provided with better and more comprehensive information about the risks and benefits of the medicines that are prescribed for them .
12 It is abundantly clear that when the time came to construct defences around many of these sites , the reason was not always primarily to protect the community .
13 While the government later indicated that it had merely given drafting assistance , it is abundantly clear that its influence on the Bill was much more than one would normally associate with drafting assistance .
14 It is abundantly clear that the network of figure 12.4 passes signals in the vicinity of the resonant frequencies of the series and parallel LC combinations but rejects at both low and high frequencies .
15 While it is clear enough that by 1519 the Household system badly needed reform , it is less clear that the Edwardian system existed only on paper .
16 After the 1979 Conservative victory , it is less clear that a party will suffer if it advocates policies which are a clear break with the past .
17 It is brutally clear that the private sector has already invested in those places and activities in DRAs where profitable returns on capital may be obtained .
18 It is patently clear that the Blues must sell to buy or consider the possibility of exchange deals .
19 It is thus clear that the practice of was not without importance from the earliest days of the state and that in Molla Edebali and Tursun Fakih — perhaps also in the elusive Elvan Fakih and others there were men who performed much the same function as later Muftis ; but so scanty and uncertain is the available information about this early period that one can not confidently assert the existence , still less the continuity , of an officially designated post of Mufti .
20 It is thus clear that contestable market features help to explain some of the behaviour of firms in the eurobond market , i.e. that it is highly competitive , especially within the individual currency sectors , despite the market structure .
21 Physiotherapist Bernard Thomas tells Lloyd to touch his nose , and it is soon clear that his vision is impaired .
22 Yet it is soon clear that we have to see Godwin himself within a much wider and more general social formation .
23 It is already clear that economic and monetary policy would be profoundly German in nature , but so would the ‘ common defence and foreign policy ’ .
24 In the North Sea , it is already clear that fish stocks would increase — and therefore catches would go up — if fishing was greatly reduced .
25 It is already clear that trusts to hand over objects or to free slaves could be enforced in specie under the auspices of the magistrate whose cognitio was involved .
26 While it has made no formal application to offer video-on-demand to customers — the official line is that it is merely looking at the technology 's potential — it is already clear that it faces a tough task convincing regulatory bodies that it has the right to do so .
27 But it is already clear that the right has won the school wars , and that the left made a mistake in thinking that racial and sexual minorities can be lumped together and used as footsoldiers in the war against the establishment .
28 But it is already clear that the programme is running into trouble .
29 The central processes involved in vision are likely to prove much more complicated ( Horridge et at. , 1965 ) but it is already clear that electrophysiological units in the optic lobes of selected Orthoptera , Diptera and Lepidoptera respond differentially when a variety of visual stimuli is presented to the insect .
30 It is already clear that mutations in p53 genes indicative of developing bladder cancer can be detected by analysis of shed cells present in patients ' urine samples .
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