Example sentences of "it can be said " in BNC.

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1 Well , it can be said that he does not allow his mercilessness to go undetected on this occasion .
2 It can be said in his favour that the Michael X set seemed very like a fraud and a circus , and that these people had no deep connection with the politics of Trinidad .
3 It can be said of these strong-minded and independently gifted accomplices that their work shows a dimension of reciprocity and replication , of the production unit , which stands at an appreciable remove from parody and plagiarism , and from the mimicry of other people 's voices which is comprehended in the term ‘ ventriloquism ’ , which Amis goes in for in private , among friends , and which is also a pleasure of the novels he writes .
4 To simplify a rather complex historical phenomenon , it can be said that the present political division between Fianna Fail and Fine Gael originates in positions taken by opponents in that war .
5 This is well exemplified in Fokine 's choreography fur the first Nocturne in Les Sylphides , where it can be said that the corps de ballet are marking the overall rhythm lasting sixteen or thirty-two bars , whilst the three soloists represent the shorter rhythmical phrases lasting four to ) eight bars .
6 It can be said to be the wind rustling through the trees , when first heard as the Tsarevich climbs over the wall to find his Princess .
7 Of ‘ all the oppositions that furrow Freudian thought ’ it can be said that ‘ one is but the other different and deferred , one differing and deferring the other ’ ( Margins of Philosophy , 17 — 18 ) .
8 I do not think it can be said that the manner of death is any more horrific than it used to be ( although it may well be different ) but it may be that the way of reporting someone 's death has radically changed and that this has brought its own problems .
9 Perhaps it can be said that , when people are searching for meaning , they are at the beginning of a journey , not at the end of it .
10 For example : it can be said at once — and briefly — that the probability that she was massively involved in the murder of Darnley is very strong .
11 Briefly , then , for we shall be returning to this same point later in the book , it can be said that the performance mode itself can be protective , either because it is seen to be mainly a technical or intellectual task , or because the dramatic form is powerful enough to enhance whatever the participants ' contribution might be .
12 If the idea catches on , it can be said to propagate itself , spreading from brain to brain .
13 On the other hand it can be said in a grudging negative manner leaving the listener uncomfortable and possibly guilty at having made the request .
14 It can be said in conclusion that these developments have become central to the future of the ‘ GIS revolution ’ of the late 1980s , since it is now clear that the massive ( and desirable ) growth of the use of GIS can not be supported without improvements to the use environment experienced by the user .
15 This in turn led to DoE Circular 22/83 which recommends that planing gain is only reasonable where it can be said to fairly and directly relate to the actual development being proposed .
16 On the whole , it can be said that Coleman , in the circumstances , served the College , the profession and the country , well and that a balanced assessment , tending neither to adulation nor to denigration , is indicated .
17 Thus the hypothesis provides a meaning to primitive ‘ goodness ’ and also suggests the period during which it can be said to have originated .
18 In general , therefore , it can be said that those who are not exempt are those who require casual medication and can afford to pay the cost .
19 And , let it be noted , if 1920 marked the high tide of Bukharin 's leftism , then it can be said to be equally true of the Bolsheviks as a whole , Lenin included .
20 It can be said he was a victim of circumstances .
21 I suppose it can be said , on his behalf , that he was aware of his poor and very limited English .
22 It can be said Carl had developed a parochial outlook by virtue of his own mastery over all his school studies , the violin , and his trade .
23 At least it can be said we were lively , we were an animated lot .
24 It can be said he was addressing a captive audience … of stooges .
25 It can be said I wanted to taste other joys which were available in life before the inevitable disaster .
26 In this respect it showed concern for the welfare of all men , and consequently it can be said that satyāgraha whenever it is implemented involves sarvodaya .
27 At least it can be said that the former shows a more commendable motivation .
28 But the question that arises is whether it can be said of any morality that it can not be divorced from religion .
29 This might well be the case , but it still does not answer the question whether it can be said that there is no morality without religion .
30 As a general rule , it can be said that those who have experience of flying fixed-wing models will find helicopters more difficult to fly than those who are starting from scratch .
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