Example sentences of "it be said to " in BNC.

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1 Now can it be said to be clear by the law of Scotland that the locus here is beyond what the legislature may assert right to affect by legislation against all whomsoever for the purpose of regulating methods of fishing ?
2 It 's said to be unlucky to change a boat 's name . ’
3 It 's said to be a symbolic tale with the casting out of the snakes related to the ousting of the old beliefs .
4 It 's said to be as effective as the pill and experts say it 'll widen the choice for women .
5 It is said to be the most photographed village in Norway .
6 It remains a secret , though it is said to be passed on from chairman to chairman in a discreet whisper .
7 It is said to be the tree on which Judas Iscariot hanged himself , after which its pink blossom turned dark red in shame .
8 Who is to say that the poorer countries of Europe are to be happy with a dominant Germany just because it is said to be good for ‘ Europe ’ ?
9 It is said to be water insoluble .
10 The word ‘ aura ’ is derived from the Greek avra meaning breeze because it is said to be continually in motion .
11 It is said to be the only tide mill in western Europe that is still operating .
12 Called Tickford Bridge , it is said to be the oldest iron bridge in Britain still in constant use .
13 It is said to be the longest-lived of the British dairy and dual-purpose breeds ; it is also hardy and with a low incidence of metabolic disease .
14 It is said to be an overcoat warmer in the valley , but shelter from the north is no compensation for the deep-freeze effect as the frosts drain down to the river .
15 When a bank note can be exchanged for gold on demand at a bank it is said to be convertible or redeemable .
16 It is said to be invisible in its natural state but will form into semi-matter under certain conditions , rather like invisible moist air condensing into a filmy liquid on windows .
17 It is said to be a luminous and dynamic nature capable of independent existence apart from its physical counterpart .
18 At Burley Camp in Devon a crock of gold is said to be buried , but anyone who tries to dig for it is said to be scared away by thunder and lightning .
19 Built as a hunting lodge for the Deer Park it is said to be haunted by a huntsman in green !
20 It is said to be present , although usually without symptoms , in one in ten people over the age of forty , and in one in three over the age of sixty .
21 It is said to be a nervous fish and it will probably benefit from the presence of other fish — acting as dither fish — to give it confidence .
22 If the cell loses its charge , it is said to be depolarized , and a cycle of depolarization and repolarization accompanies many cellular functions .
23 If a book or manuscript has headings or the first capitals of paragraphs painted or printed in red , the rest of the text being black , it is said to be ‘ rubricated ’ .
24 It is said to ‘ cheer people up ’ .
25 It is said to be selling well .
26 If you have a tank that always seems to be disease prone , or the fish die , often for no apparent reason , I would suggest that any decoration that is in or going in your tank be checked and double checked no matter how long it takes and how safe it is said to be .
27 If the word is not found then it is said to be misspelled , so either correction is attempted , or it is returned to the user for verification .
28 It is said to be found at depths of around 30 metres and is , therefore , unlikely to be shipped in other than very restricted numbers .
29 It is said to be easy to upgrade and service because it 's based on standard uniprocessor 50MHz 80486 EISA bus hardware .
30 The agreement is also seen as a landmark in that it is said to be the first time that Apple has licensed Macintosh technology under such an OEM agreement , terms of which were not disclosed .
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