Example sentences of "in two weeks time " in BNC.

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1 This year as well as a revival of the updated Hansel and Gretel in two weeks time , we have the most fizzing pantomime in years , Prokofiev 's Love for Three Oranges .
2 His next race will be at Chepstow in two weeks time .
3 With Robert Jones and Aled Williams a dominating half-back force , Wales coach Alan Davies will need little prompting about the men he should choose for the Test in two weeks time .
4 The " Origins of Religion " is coming up with Year One in two weeks time
5 The good housekeeping exercise which we 've just circulated the documents on , which we 'll be consulting on in two weeks time tt er it mainly is about changing the organization to allow us to delegate authority down to an appropriate level .
6 One of which was the property in Frinton which was owned jointly by Mr and his step mother who was an elderly lady who was then residing in that er property and er around that time on the first of October Mr er telephoned Mr and er told him about that but at that time , was not anticipating that there would be an difficulties about the security on Frinton for these he had always , added his case , made it perfectly clear to the man at the National Westminster Bank with whom he was dealing , Mr that that property was not a property which er could er be offered as security because of the joint ownership and er while in conversation with the bank he understood that this letter had been sent and Mrs had been on holiday and that it was simply oversight on the part of the bank at this stage and that all would well after Mrs returned , which was expected in two weeks time .
7 Don Caskie got a try and all the players a warning from coach keith richardson … he says they 'll have to improve and mind their manners on the field before the next big game against Bath in two weeks time
8 An air travel ban to Libya is due to come into force in two weeks time .
9 Meanwhile residents brace themselves for another concert in two weeks time .
10 Alan Webb and his crew will be back at sea in two weeks time racing around the Isle of Wight …
11 They 're expected in court in two weeks time
12 It 's surveyor will inspect the rectory in two weeks time .
13 There 's still the home leg to come in two weeks time .
14 The new Honda Accord will be launched in two weeks time and the company plans to increase the workforce as it steps up production .
15 It looks like a vat of unappetising porridge … but in two weeks time this mixture will have been transformed into two of the rarest beers in the country .
16 In two weeks time , the American people will elect their next president .
17 Dave Heath got the fourth … the Wildcats finally stirred thanks to a goal from Bryan Larkin … the Kings kept going though … they led by 10-1 in the third period before Swindon came back with four late goals … it finished 11 … 5 … with fists flying as tempers flared towards the end … the second leg in two weeks time at Swindon should be a scorcher
18 Teammate Rob McElnea is on course to secure second place in the Super Cup points at Mallory Park in two weeks time after fourth and fifth places today .
19 Cos we 've got the AGM in two weeks time
20 He did n't even give us the instructions , he wants it in in two weeks time !
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