Example sentences of "a long period [coord] " in BNC.

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1 There 's really no chance of getting bitten if your ferrets have been properly handled over a long period and are never scared .
2 If it 's a professional job they will have been observed over a long period and their habits and financial status will be known . ’
3 It is also necessary not to view policies in a static way ; they have been built up slowly over a long period and they are still changing .
4 They went on over a long period and affected many children who had been entrusted to the defendants for care and help .
5 The study contributes towards a comprehensive view of the working of the labour market over a long period and of the sources of shocks disturbing the economy .
6 It is a stone building , constructed over a long period and one of the richest Czech Gothic ecclesiastical structures .
7 This explains how the disease can be misdiagnosed over a long period and stresses the need for biopsy specimens whatever the type of gastric lesion .
8 By this time , Lou and Charlie had moved too — the business had been running down for a long period and there was no point in staying in a flat over a shop that did n't exist any more .
9 Erm , this is something that I 've spoken with about over a long period and what really has concerned me is that we 've two red signals , both facing the traffic and children and blind people could be crossing thinking the traffic had held up , and when I or detecting we rely on our own engineers maybe going round that way , maybe the police or public reporting it .
10 Given a little thought as to siting the Pentstemons will provide a lot of interest over a long period and should prevent the need for annual replanting , which can be expensive and labour intensive .
11 This is seldom needed for analysis purposes but random access mode is often used where the records are held over a long period and have to be updated with the passage of time .
12 Spruce needles certainly take longer to decay than some other leaves , releasing humic acid over a longer period but at a slower rate , but being a long standing constituent of the northern latitudes coniferous belt , spruce ( Picea ) is quite compatible with lakes well stocked with fish .
13 The run-down was to be stretched over a longer period and the agreed strength raised from Sandys ’ proposed 45,000 to 55,000 .
14 While life expectancy has extended , it appears to have been at the price of a longer period and a greater proportion of life being spent in chronic sickness .
15 Well some people have been talking about five to seven years , I 've been saying all the way through that we 're very flexible on this , and clearly if erm a bidder whether it 's a management buy out with other people in the bid , others in the consortium , or an outright bid from a private sector consortium er if if they get the franchise and make clear that that 's on the basis that they 're going to put a lot of money into the capital investment , then clearly they will want a longer period and we have made that clear .
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