Example sentences of "the trouble of having " in BNC.

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1 Some states even go to the trouble of having two switches , one a ‘ dummy ’ , so that everyone can say , ‘ it was n't me who actually killed him ’ .
2 Our school was evacuated to Hadlow Down in Sussex , just about where the German bombers used to off-load their bombs to save themselves the trouble of having to go all the way to London .
3 I once went to the trouble of having a pair made in the finest white doeskin but fortunately I have now outgrown such extravagances in much the same way that I have outgrown the petty conversations and banal posturings of those who frequent literary gatherings or , worse , television studio canteens .
4 At least that way the remaining infants would be deloused , taught to read and write , fed , and Mrs Rattrie , by being separated from her husband — since paupers were not allowed to breed — would have been spared the trouble of having any more .
5 Before their confinements some women go to the trouble of having the room they are to lie in fumigated .
6 They came down the steps of the hotel with their Kodaks — at the Continental there was always a large number of Americans — and were immediately fallen upon by dragomans , donkey-boys and street-traders of all kinds , all offering instant picturesqueness without the trouble of having to go too far in the heat to find it .
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