Example sentences of "the trouble of [v-ing] " in BNC.

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1 He did n't go to the trouble of setting up a little love-nest for nothing . ’
2 From this point onwards it was entirely unnecessary for a testator to go to the trouble of writing a general damnatio in his will .
3 Blyth saved me the trouble of suggesting a game of football by doing it himself .
4 WHEN Ron Dennis , the managing director of McLaren International , goes to the trouble of stressing that his team intend to continue giving Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost impartial treatment during the final two races , such a commendably even-handed approach immediately arouses suspicion in a sport governed by an organisation which is not exactly noted for its equitable methods .
5 But why should any western power go to the trouble of administering a third world country when these can simply be milked dry ?
6 ‘ It 's frustrating when we go to the trouble of providing better facilities for away supporters and then incidents like this happen . ’
7 Why go to all the trouble of providing her with information about Rainald , which she could easily have related to fitzAlan ?
8 Another process is sometimes adopted for getting rid of the sediment without the trouble of decanting in this mode ; the bottles are reserved in a frame proper for the purpose , for a certain number of days , so as to permit the foulness to fall into the neck ; while in this position , the cork is dexterously withdrawn and that portion of the wine that is foul , allowed to escape , after which the bottle is filled with clear wine , permanently corked and secured with wire .
9 And afterwards they went to the trouble of calling out the Carabinieri to make sure I did n't die of exposure .
10 I might as well not take the trouble of calling . ’
11 Given full rein to run as far as they want , the plants are living very well and do n't feel in any particular danger , so there is no need for them to waste energy by perpetuating the species and going to the trouble of producing flower and setting seed .
12 Why take the trouble of trying to assess from mobility predictions who will move and who wo n't ?
13 My aunt was the one who went to all the trouble of trying to get me out of the Soviet Union . ’
14 It simply saved her the trouble of curbing her own foolish passions .
15 ‘ Why did you go to the trouble of hiring me if what you wanted were the same drab old styles of before ? ’
16 Interesting that Bill 's going to go to the trouble of taking out windows putting in
17 At this rate she might as well give him a blow-by-blow description of the last time they had shared the bench , and save him the trouble of remembering .
18 At any rate , it was difficult to see that the FAA had any good reason not to implement the very important recommendations made by their own US investigating authority , the NTSB , after the Windsor accident , especially as the RLD had gone to the trouble of flying to Los Angeles to make their point .
19 It would be a waste of time actually to go to the trouble of filling the space itself with blanks .
20 The funds can reclaim tax and pay income gross , saving charities the trouble of reclaiming the tax .
21 To give this impression would ensure shipwreck on a reef which we shall in any case be lucky to avoid , the indifference of the reader who takes it for granted that we are trying to deduce imperatives from the facts of which one ought to be aware , and assumes in advance that there has to be a flaw somewhere , hardly worth the trouble of locating , as in a new proposal for a perpetual-motion machine .
22 As his hand came to her arm she lashed out at him and he caught her close to save himself the trouble of subduing her in any other way .
23 The main problem is that the cost of most new resistors and capacitors is now so low that it is barely worthwhile going to the trouble of removing and testing them .
24 Although the Chinese transformed rhinoceros horn into forms of customary refinement , it seems unlikely that they went to the trouble of removing agglutinated masses of hair from rhinoceros snouts and lavishing such skill on them for purely aesthetic reasons .
25 " The Meeting Considering that the Island is in a backward state of Cultivation , have Resolved as an Improvement that each occupier of a 4d. land in Tillage over the whole Island shall sow in the ensuing Spring 2 pecks of Peas & Beans , and for enabling them to have proper Seed they now request that Shawfield will take the trouble of sending a Cargo of Peas & Beans to the Island in proper time … "
26 It 's even worth going to the trouble of sending your own System file of font suitcases .
27 If so you must register the package , Transend can help with many popular packages and save you the trouble of sending orders overseas .
28 If so you must register the package , Transend can help with many popular packages and save you the trouble of sending orders overseas .
29 I wonder how many times in the past , when you 've been staying here , you 've gone to the trouble of escorting Kirsty to school ? ’
30 Numerous trials have evaluated the various procedures performed during pregnancy and labour ( Iain Chalmers has even gone to the trouble of collating them ) but very few of these ideas have changed obstetric practice .
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