Example sentences of "and [noun] all over " in BNC.

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1 We hope that by including a variety of cases we can inspire individuals and groups all over the country to take up arms on behalf of a threatened building in their neighbourhood .
2 BCAR Chairman Steve Challis welcomed delegates from museums and groups all over the UK to the meeting , explaining that he thought BCAR to be ‘ probably one of the smallest groups in the BAPC ’ .
3 He got bruises and sores all over him .
4 The importance of this love and its physical demonstration is acknowledged in ceremonies and rituals all over the Indian sub-continent .
5 I found her by the side of the house with her dog , looking like a complete tramp , with a patched-up old coat and hair all over the place .
6 The little one was podgy with puppy fat and a front tooth missing and a ravishing smile and hair all over the place .
7 He heard electrical impulses behind a large , old-fashioned enamelled flour bin on a high shelf in the kitchen and got out the step-ladder to investigate , bringing down the bin , which hit and broke a jar of clear honey in its descent ; he ended up with a mixture of flour and honey all over himself , the fridge and the floor .
8 I do n't see why coloured youths should have carte blanche to steal my stereo and shit all over my compact-disc player and rape my wife .
9 So she did — her brother-in-law , a schoolteacher with a young growing family , a huge mortgage and debts all over the place .
10 He would be able to visit libraries , museums and institutions all over Britain and make contact with other numerologists .
11 These workers have traditionally been the toughest and most radical , and employers all over America are aware that if Pittston can break the ‘ mother union ’ , then the attempts to gain the ground lost in the Reagan years will be stillborn .
12 The immediate assumption is that there is a chemical communication between leaf and branch all over the tree , and this possibility is borne out to some degree by the character of leaf and caterpillar battles in other species .
13 This bloke is propped up in the corner of the cab , and blood all over the place .
14 Ambulance , thank goodness someone 's remembered , patting this person 's hand , and putting blankets on and reassuring them , telling them everything 's alright , and blood all over the floor , thank god someone 's gone to get the ambulance
15 Each letter published will win its writer a £10 National Garden Gift Token , exchangeable at 1,500 garden centres , nurseries and shops all over the UK and any Interflora shop .
16 Each letter published will win its writer a £10 National Garden Gift Token , exchangeable at 1,500 garden centres , nurseries and shops all over the UK and any Interflora shop .
17 I do n't think but that sort of thing , but he drew black circles and triangles all over this white wall it looked , I 've got a photograph of that
18 The job involved visiting mining camps , quarries and oilfields all over the world selling explosives and it gave Haslam his first taste of the excitement of travel , something that has remained with him all his life .
19 His Majesty appealed to him as a Statesman and as one who had been a Minister of the Crown to place before everything the present dangerous situation of the country , Sir Herbert replied that he and his party were just as patriotic as the Conservatives : the country would be in far greater danger from Tariffs — price of food stuffs would rise , there would be strikes and outbreaks all over the country .
20 ‘ If I had teeth and tentacles all over the place that 's just the sort of message I 'd send .
21 ‘ Against Liverpool they had a sweeper and man-marked all over the pitch .
22 Just blood and bones all over the sand .
23 For pure nostalgia the Alternative Exhibition has displays of Cadbury memorabilia large and small donated from attics and cupboards all over the country .
24 This , in turn , led to the founding of antiquarian societies , the invention of archaeology , and the arrival of the neo-classical movement in art and architecture all over Europe .
25 The application of systematic thinking to , for instance , the courses offered by the Open University has resulted in the production of syllabuses , learning methods and study materials which are not only of extremely high quality but are profoundly influencing the approach of teachers and administrators all over the world and at many levels of educational activity .
26 ‘ I hear you played cowboys and Indians all over Berkshire with Gareth and Coconut yesterday . ’
27 ‘ We know how much the awards mean to authors and illustrators ; and we know that teachers and parents all over the country use these shortlists as the definitive guide to the year 's outstanding children 's books .
28 The pilots took evasive action which tipped men and equipment all over the place .
29 ‘ My dad looks very like me , he has everything the same as me — even the same hair and freckles all over his face .
30 Though neither was primarily a journalist , their dual example has revolutionized journalistic practices and conventions all over Europe .
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