Example sentences of "[prep] [noun] scattered all [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 With the enclosure of the open fields and the redistribution of the land mostly in compact blocks instead of strips scattered all over the parish , one would have expected the old open-field village to disintegrate as the village farmers built new farmsteads on their allotments .
2 I 've g I 've got about a half a dozen sheets of paper scattered all over the place , and I 've decided to do it in this cos then I can just go to here .
3 and erm these were poultry breeders be erm scattered all over the count er county who yes the erm accredited poultry breeding station scheme was erm initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and erm there were a number of farms scattered all over the county erm where they were open to inspection and erm we had erm had a Mrs who went round and inspected the flocks and erm they had to reapply each year to erm sustain their accreditation
4 But even when there were teams of twenty or thirty workmen ‘ tripping over each other ’ , as Laura told a friend , with beds scattered all over the place and no curtains , ‘ it still has a very romantic atmosphere ’ .
5 Until the move in the 1860s to a new building with adequate space , it was dispersed on shelves scattered all over the old one , with the books crowded three rows deep on the shelves so that only those in the front row were visible , and no catalogue of it existed .
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