Example sentences of "[noun] be scattered all [prep] [art] " in BNC.

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1 The first 20 live closest to the hospital that is to do the transplant , the next 20 are somewhat further afield and the remainder are scattered all over the country .
2 The teaching faculties and administrative offices are scattered all over the city but , forming a wonderful backdrop to King 's Parade , stands the Senate House .
3 Fragments of wicker were scattered all around the room ; a small pile of them marked the drain .
4 Families are like constellations of stars : we see each one as an entity , because they make some recognisable design , yet the individual stars are scattered all over the universe , apart .
5 On the other hand , its members were scattered all over the United Kingdom , which made a northern town central .
6 During Friday 20 May and Saturday the 21st the fierce chase continued , during which some of the French ships were scattered all over the Channel ; a few , like the Spanish Armada before them , only escaped by sailing right round the British Isles .
7 Since their receptive fields are scattered all over the visual field the rabbit 's brain is kept well-informed about movements all around it .
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