Example sentences of "days ['s] imprisonment " in BNC.

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1 Ali Haxhiu , a 45-year-old Albanian refugee in the village of Sazli , was sentenced to 30 days ' imprisonment in May 1991 after making a ‘ V ’ for victory sign in the presence of two policemen in a café .
2 After three days ' imprisonment they were convicted of attending an illegal gathering under the terms of Bophuthatswana 's Internal Security Act , fined , and released from custody .
3 Under its headline ‘ Mercantile Tricycles Denounced ’ , the Graphic described how , in default of paying a 10 shillings fine plus costs , this cycling desperado was sentenced to seven days ' imprisonment — and what is more , poor Thomas Duff had been estimated by the police to have been rattling along at somewhere between 8 and 10 miles per hour .
4 In the course of the sequestration proceedings in the sheriff court he was sentenced to 30 days ' imprisonment for contempt of court , because he had entered the licensed premises and interfered with the management thereof after giving an undertaking that he would not do so .
5 The officer in command of a military unit which in July 1986 burned to death a photographer , Rodrigo Rojas de Negri , and severely burned his colleague , Carmen Quintana Arancibia [ see p. 34985 ] was in August 1989 condemned to 300 days ' imprisonment by a military court .
6 A court in Bootle sentenced Fields on July 11 to 60 days ' imprisonment for refusing to pay the community charge or " poll tax " .
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