Example sentences of "eyes filling with tears " in BNC.

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1 I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders at her , trying not to look into the child 's large eyes filling with tears as he gazed petulantly at me , his underlip thrust out .
2 Ellen implored , her eyes filling with tears .
3 Of the thousand-plus programmes I must have taken part in during those years I remember very little , and those mostly trivial things : Thor Heyerdahl the Norwegian explorer arriving half an hour late from Broadcasting House because the taxi driver sent to fetch him understood he had been told to pick up four airedales ( a reasonable enough request , he reckoned , from the BBC ) ; the maverick film director Ken Russell whacking Alexander Walker , the Evening Standard film critic , over the head with a copy of his own paper ; Norman St John Stevas , MP ( now Lord St John of Fawsley ) winking at a cameraman who had had the stars and stripes sewn on to the bottom of his jeans ; Enoch Powell 's eyes filling with tears when I asked if he was an emotional man ; A. J. P. Taylor on his seventy-fifth birthday admitting he had never been offered an honour and when I asked him which he would like if given the choice , his replying , ‘ A baronetcy , because it would make my elder son so dreadfully annoyed . ’
4 ‘ I do n't know , ’ Connelly said , his eyes filling with tears of terror .
5 ‘ Chris wants us to break up , ’ she said , her eyes filling with tears .
6 Sarah kissed him and nodded , her eyes filling with tears , more in sympathy with the stricken couples around her than on her own account .
7 I 'm sorry , ’ whispered Rebecca , her eyes filling with tears .
8 ‘ I thought you would be kind to me , ’ said Tess , her eyes filling with tears .
9 Her eyes filling with tears , she shrugged away as he went to put a gentle hand on her shoulder .
10 Bridget felt her eyes filling with tears .
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