Example sentences of "go [adv] far as to put " in BNC.

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1 Although parts of Sun , such as Sun Federal , have reportedly been flirting with IXI , Sun headquarters has clearly labelled the firm a competitor going so far as to put a last-minute kibosh on a real estate deal that would have moved IXI headquarters in Cambridge , England into Sun UK 's offices as a tenant .
2 Many manufacturers wo n't allow you to remove the machine 's case without automatically voiding your warranty : some go so far as to put seals over the case so they can tell if you 've opened it .
3 ‘ We even went so far as to put together a group and do some touring ; we did a club tour of the States and a mini-tour in Japan , too .
4 Maxine , a futures market broker , went so far as to put ‘ single ’ on her CV , although she is married with an 18-month-old baby .
5 The publisher Moxon went so far as to put out an edition of the Shelley forgeries , with an introduction by Robert Browning .
6 One bar had even gone so far as to put a few tables outside , and on impulse Zen settled down to enjoy the sunlight and watch the show on the Corso .
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