Example sentences of "the naked eye " in BNC.

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1 This last category is the thing that started , at least to the naked eye , in Berkeley , California about 1964 , and swept around the world reaching its zenith about 1969–70 — just five years flat .
2 We merely became accustomed to the general life of the common birds and animals , and to the appearances of trees and clouds and everything upon the surface that showed itself to the naked eye ’ .
3 Polished metal looks as smooth and featureless as glass to the naked eye but , unlike glass , it is a crystalline material ; it solidifies as a network of tiny grains which can be seen if the metal is etched with a dilute acid and examined under a microscope ( fig. 5.11a ) .
4 The mite is just visible to the naked eye and feeds on honey bees and their grubs by sucking their body fluids .
5 We 'd been prepared to buy houses with flaws invisible to the naked eye , but now we 'd fallen for one with all its flaws only too obviously visible .
6 And their small size enables tiny arthropods , some almost too small to see with the naked eye , to live in crannies , within the soil , between sand grains , and the like .
7 But many kinds of bacteria in nature form elaborate colonies , often quite visible to the naked eye , in which different individuals perform different functions , so that the whole colony functions as if it were a single organism .
8 But the vast expanse of the oceans seems devoid of plants — at least to the naked eye ; and if weed grows conspicuously on coral reefs , then that is a often a sign that all is not well .
9 Because the creatures of the plankton individually are small , they are not always visible to the naked eye .
10 But the loss of these marine plants , which the naked eye may hardly perceive , would spell the end for almost all animals .
11 Because they are so faint , not a single one is visible to the naked eye .
12 And yet another 10 per cent of stars are white dwarfs , dim stars the size of Earth and all invisible to the naked eye .
13 Protozoa are much larger than bacteria or viruses , although still not visible to the naked eye .
14 The body louse may lay its eggs in clothing or bedding , while the head louse , like the crab louse , cements its eggs on to hairs forming ‘ nits ’ , which are the size of a pin-head and can just be made out with the naked eye .
15 The sand and silt particles , which are roughly spherical in shape range from 2,000 microns ( ″ ) to 50 microns in diameter ( sands ) and from 50 to 2 microns ( silts ) ; the finer silt particles being indistinguishable individually to the naked eye .
16 However , some cells , like the large eggs of frogs , are easily visible , and the human egg is just visible to the naked eye .
17 The human and mouse eggs are about one tenth of a millimetre in diameter and are just visible to the naked eye .
18 Quite often , olivine and pyroxene begin to crystallize out early on , so they may be present in the final rock as quite large crystals , up to a centimetre across , many times larger than the crystals surrounding them , and easily visible with the naked eye .
19 He showed some incredible coloured slides giving close-up detail of petal formation and patterns not often seen by the naked eye .
20 Smoothing by an arithmetic procedure can sometimes , however , reveal patterns not immediately obvious to the naked eye .
21 Well , it can sometimes reveal patterns not immediately obvious to the naked eye ; an example of this is shown in exercise 9.3 .
22 The bone shows very fine splitting along the lines of orientation of the collagen fibres ( Fig. 1.4A ) and slight erosion of the pits and canals , but these are only visible under high magnification and can not be seen by the naked eye .
23 The video-tape being produced was obviously defective , even to the naked eye .
24 All the internal organs looked pretty normal to the naked eye .
25 Microscopy has come a long way since the 1670s when Antonie van Leewenhoek used his relatively crude instruments to see for the first time the bacteria that inhabit worlds normally hidden from the naked eye .
26 During this time Alcock had begun the long process of memorising the night sky ; by 1932 he already knew the position of most stars that can be seen by the naked eye .
27 Alcock saw this as another opportunity to produce valuable results , but first , he would have to learn the stars down to magnitude eight , over six times fainter than those visible to the naked eye .
28 It should be visible to the naked eye as a fuzzy patch ( without a tail ) two to three times the size of the Moon , and moving at a relatively high speed — by about its own diameter every hour .
29 There was one girl in particular who interested Harriet , a small girl with hair cut gamin short , whose face was so expressive that it seemed to reflect every one of the emotions that they were all feeling , these midinettes who had basted hemlines and stitched hooks and eyes into place , positioned trimmings and sewed them into place with such tiny stitches that they were all but invisible to the naked eye .
30 Starring with the diminutive Bob Hoskins , she lets her breasts bounce on top of his head in a blur of movement that passes almost unnoticed to the naked eye .
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