Example sentences of "good deal of [noun] " in BNC.

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1 By 1980 the succession of troubles along the Iran-Iraq border , combined with uncertainty as to the international behaviour to be expected of post-revolutionary Iran , was provoking a good deal of disquiet in the outside world , particularly among the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ( OECD ) states .
2 In the opening ‘ Funeral March ’ , for instance , Ozawa chooses tempi which allow for a good deal of flexibility , but although the Boston strings produce much expressive warmth in their long melodic lines , the doom-laden atmosphere is not immediately obvious .
3 There was usually a good deal of flexibility in the organisation of these political departments : their number and scope altered easily and often to meet changing demands .
4 The Benefits Agency spokesman said the discretionary nature of the Social Fund scheme permitted local officers a good deal of flexibility in cases where they could provide assistance .
5 Figure E9.1 gives the age-sex profiles for two countries that have experienced a good deal of immigration .
6 Although a good deal of excavation has taken place at Alcester , especially in the south-western suburb around Birch Abbey , very little has received full publication.6 Excavations in the fortified area of the town have always been difficult owing to the presence of modern buildings , but with new developments taking place , they have at last become feasible ; even now , though , the line of the defences is still imperfectly known .
7 I continued walking the streets for three years , sometimes making a good deal of money , sometimes none , feasting one day and starving the next .
8 I have run upstairs and downstairs , ironed huge sheets and four pillowcases at a time , spent a good deal of money on nourishing and delicate foods and extra milk .
9 A good deal of money and effort is therefore going into study of the human factor , which should ultimately lead to further reduction of accidents and risk .
10 These are , of course , commercially important questions and a good deal of money is going into the collection of such data by insurance companies .
11 It might otherwise cost a good deal of money to do this .
12 This may cost more at the time but could save a good deal of money in the long run .
13 A good deal of money has been made tarting up riverside and bank top pubs to take account of the new ambiance and to cater to the non-industrial affluent .
14 All life , for instance , all sustenance , all meaning ( and a good deal of money ) issues from a single household appliance : the toilet handle .
15 But at the last moment , the Bahamian government agreed ( there were rumours that a good deal of money changed hands ) , and a new flight plan was drawn up for Hassan 's 747 .
16 I should have to get other opinions but I 'd guess they would fetch a good deal of money at auction .
17 Within five years he had paid back every penny , and by 1960 his ships were making a good deal of money .
18 The sea breeze was strong enough to mould the skirts of passing women , and Grunte , who could remember little of the events of the night , save that he had spent a good deal of money feeding the faces of his party faithful ( ‘ Pity about Hyacinth ’ ) , and that he had been seen back to the Grand after a drink or two by Leroy Burns ( ‘ Grand fellow , must see if I ca n't find him another Sierra ’ ) , gave thought to his pending performance .
19 Someone must be doing their housekeeping rather better at those hospitals , especially when one thinks of the help the Memorial Hospital gets from the WRVS and the Friends of the Hospital who raise a good deal of money and have done so for many years .
20 Recent comment has been disfigured by a good deal of misinformation .
21 I have already put a good deal of stress upon two contrasted aspects of what seems to me to be the central paradox of anthropology considered as an intellectual discipline .
22 Nobody can seriously suggest that we turn back the clock entirely and return to the world of Constable 's Haywain , where there was a good deal of misery and hunger amidst all that beauty .
23 It is asking a good deal of students to abstract process from content if lecturers do not do it .
24 The problems noted above are intensified for the management of stock revision programmes ; these are carried out by staff who are either subject specialists or who have in the course of the stock revision acquired a good deal of knowledge about the subject literature — certainly more than the line manager .
25 The systematic study of information technology ( informatics ) is in its infancy and although there is general agreement that its potential for human progress is enormous , there is a good deal of pessimism as to the probability that those who control it will actively seek this end over their own private interests ( see Schiller , 1989 ; Journal of Communication , 1989 ) .
26 Following delicate negotiations with Robert Brown , the great collections made by Sir Joseph Banks were transferred to the Museum ; but the incompatible demands of the various departments , and the great library which also formed a part of the museum , led to a good deal of friction .
27 But while the company 's management would not deny an element of luck , they would also point to a good deal of contingency planning that enabled them to react faster than anyone else to ILG 's collapse .
28 He derived a good deal of entertainment from watching the engaged couples that came in .
29 Hooligans have something in common with nutters in that they both provide the group with a good deal of entertainment .
30 They did , however , provide a good deal of entertainment for the rest of the group and would be missed if they did not turn up for a game .
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