Example sentences of "well let me just " in BNC.

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1 Yeah , well let me just say first , I 'm an agony aunt , a medical journalist , I 've got a psychology degree , I 've written health books , and as a punter I took Prozac by accident .
2 well I 'm a bit puzzled why , why you want to know all this and you think because I have n't given , given a good benefit that 's why a good temporary benefit , that 's why I 'm puzzled , say well let me just take you back to why I 'm h why I 'm here , let me get out of our meeting you 're gon na find this extremely valuable , perhaps for the first half we will spend time looking at your financial put you on the path to achieve financial .
3 Well let me just say quickly we 're being recorded there 's there 's someone er who 's got ta er a project organisation by the Oxford University Press who 's interested in our spoken word
4 Right well let me just
5 Well let me just start again .
6 Then we 're sending a letter which erm , well let me just say , we are then also sending , now here with the D I Y , the numbers er coincide Here the numbers coincide with the illustrations , so if I talk about a certain you have to look at paper one , paper two paper three or A B C. And you see what they look like .
7 About three weeks ago , well let me just , the money actually falls into a tray at the bottom of the vending machine which literally slides in and out , it 's a very quick method and c could
8 right cos then you 're taking them away from the fact that you want other quotes right , they 'll say to you oh we were n't thinking of doing it actually until the winter , right and then you can say to them well let me just say that by placing your order in now we can put your installation in hand , right , basically at today 's prices , right , on an extended delivery , right , and you can still qualify for a special offer , right
9 Well let me just check me diary , I know
10 yeah , well let me just read you two or three verses from Exodus , chapter forty , this is what it says then the cloud covered the tent of meeting and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle and Moses was not able to enter the tent of meeting because the cloud had settled on it and the glory of the Lord filled the tabernacle and throughout all their journeys whenever the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle the sons of Israel would set out , but if the cloud was not taken up then they did not set out until the day that it was taken up , for throughout all their journeys the cloud of the Lord was on the tabernacle by day and there was fire in it by night , in the sight of all the house in Israel and if you were to turn over to kings you 've got a , you 've got a similar thing there with the dedication of the temple and as Be Ben was saying the power really it 's the it 's the presence of God , the shine , the glory , that cloud of , and so what , what , what catches the Lord Jesus up is really the glory of God here he is , the , the riseness , the glorified Christ being called up into heaven in the , in the glory , what he 's been glorified , so he withdraws his physical , physical presence from one place here on earth to present there on the throne and yet by the holy spirit to be every where now Jesus then , he did n't cease to be truly man at either his resurrection or at his ascension , he stays man , God , the God man all the way through and it 's still true today he is the God man today and that 's important for you and me , think of the very worse experience that you have ever had in your life , think of the very worse experience that could happen to you , with the exception of you know that of , of say total failure of some awful sin , the worse thing , maybe a loss of someone dear to you , someone very close to you , er , er , a bereavement , the most awful experience you have had well he has gone through , he has known that experience , he has , has tempted in all points like as we are he knows our frame , he remembers were dust and he has been there and it is a man who has experienced those same experiences that you and I experience day by day , year after year , it is a man who has gone that , who has walked that path , who is in heaven interceding and praying for us , we 'll stop there cos time has gone erm we 'll stop there , we wo n't go on otherwise I 'll get into trouble During this past month some of the questions in the New Testament , the first one we looked at you remember was that question that Jesus asked of his disciples , do you believe that I am able to do this , then we looked at a question which the disciples asked of Jesus , why could we not cast it out last week we looked at another question , are only a few people going to be saved and this morning I 'd like us it 's the final one of these questions not that there are n't other questions in the New Testament and scores , scores of others but were just looking at four er throughout this month , I 'd like us to look this morning for one at , for a few minutes , at one that Jesus asked of a man who confronted him , I 'd like to read a few verses from Luke chapter eighteen , Luke chapter eighteen I 'm gon na read from verse thirty five , it 's the well known account of blind Bartimaeus , Luke chapter eighteen and verse thirty five and he came about that as Jesus was approaching Jericho a certain blind man was sitting by the road begging , now hearing a multitude going by he began to inquire
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