Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] seen to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 I think that in the nineteen nineties , there is agreement that some reform is need is needed that there should be a better balance between the different groups at conference , and that decision making in the parties should be seen to be democratic open and based on one person one vote .
2 The duties performed by the internal auditor should be seen to be complementary to the work performed by the external auditor .
3 In that event science must be seen to be relevant to the issues which concern them .
4 It is important , too , that close attention is paid to image building ( e.g. banks and insurance companies must be seen to be stable , reliable institutions , but with a friendly , non-intimidating attitude — an image which banks in particular have spent a lot of money fostering over the past decade ) .
5 The scientists too must be seen to be helpful .
6 Such textual analysis , undertaken with a feminist pair of eyes , is uncovering the depth at which sexism must be seen to be present in the text .
7 The links with the sixth form must be seen to be strong 80 that the risk of leakage to the county provision at 16 is minimised .
8 Similarly , any leading capitalist country which wishes to exert hegemonic influence over the other capitalist economies must be seen to be capable of defending those political and strategic interests which its economic supremacy has given it .
9 And the operation must be seen to be multinational , so the UK contingent should ideally be increased to brigade strength — which underlines the case for reprieving the Highland regiments .
10 Serviceable was clothes must be seen to be serviceable .
11 It 's not a case of being paranoid , it 's a case of seeking fairness for all the school children , and then some of them receiving disproportional , you know higher , er amounts of money , then that must be seen to be unfair , and I 'm certainly well supported in that .
12 But the deal must be seen to be fair to all farmers in the United Kingdom because their circumstances vary depending on the country and the area in which they farm .
13 Emphasis must be put on the task , individuals must accept the need to modify their views for its sake , and group effort must be seen to be superior to individual effort .
14 The Government must be seen to be green .
15 The Government in its wisdom has backed nuclear power , so nuclear power must be seen to be green as well .
16 And that 's money we have to spend , and it in a way that was a controversial decision because members of the Council were genuinely concerned about spending money on what might be seen to be central services , when they were having to face not improving staffing in elderly persons ' homes .
17 As state pension age is different for men and women , the Rules of the Scheme could be seen to be discriminatory .
18 Substituting into the right-hand side of ( 8–47 ) , and using ( 8–49 ) and ( 8–50 ) , it may be seen to be proportional to .
19 Any initial work in multicultural mathematics may be seen to be tokenistic , especially if the only obvious reason for its inclusion is that it represents other cultures .
20 These equations may be seen to be identical to ( 12.32 ) and ( 12.33 ) with Ψ and Φ replacing X and w .
21 From this viewpoint , cost simply becomes one of many ways in which the product may be seen to be different from others .
22 Moreover , such a policy would be seen to be libertarian , in that it genuinely trusted people to spend their own money in ways they prefer , rather than trying to bribe them into centrally determined consumption patterns .
23 ( And if the 1.5–2 million surplus workers now in jobs were added , it would be seen to be catastrophic . )
24 If we seek a constitutive relation which is to be characteristic of a material but not dependent on its dimensions then the use of stress and displacement follows , for otherwise the behaviour of two differently sized samples of the same material would be seen to be different .
25 Erm the demonstration effect of failure should also be considered , that is if you fail once you 've undertaken an enterprise , this will affect your other policy objectives too , that is er you will be seen to be weak , your commitment to intervene on behalf of other allies might be seen to be , to have weakened er and , and generally you , you might have done your , your overall foreign policy stance er some , some considerable damage .
26 Of course , no matter how explicit these conventional procedures are or how scrupulously they are used , some cases will arise , as the sample cases showed , when the instructions will be seen to be unclear or incomplete .
27 The bishops will betray that which is entrusted to them ; and the irresponsible silliness of the Synod will be seen to be sinful .
28 We must recognise that it will have to be the consumer who pays , and it is up to animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA to ensure that the increased price for food will be seen to be acceptable because of an improvement both in animal welfare and environmental protection .
29 There is , however , no firm basis for such confidence and , as will be seen to be significant in relation to notions of parliamentary sovereignty , it is by no means universally accepted that it is only the characteristics of the Parliament of England which survived these constitutional upheavals .
30 A great deal of care in both societies , however , can be seen to be effective , and a good deal more can not be evaluated at all .
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