Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] show to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Surveillance programmes are expensive , time consuming , and unpleasant for patients and should be shown to be effective before implementation .
2 First , the benefit attributable to the patent must be shown to be current at the time of the employee 's application ; the prospect of future benefits such as royalty payments from foreign sub-licensees is only relevant to the quantum of compensation awarded should outstanding benefit be proved .
3 Ricardou was particularly guilty of attempting to establish an officially sanctioned list of approved modernist precursors : the criteria he used were based on a simplistic and over-schematic distinction between writers who accepted a mimetic function and those for whom the materiality of language could be shown to be paramount .
4 On appeal , this assumption could be shown to be false and the village ends up with a significant new development site ; it is this type of appeal decision which leaves the layman surprised and frustrated at the way in which the system operates .
5 In spelling out its arguments for the proposed pattern , the Council was once again reinterpreting the balance that had been at the centre of its concerns from the beginning : there was nothing in the Charter and Statutes ‘ which prevented greater recognition from being given to an institution 's own internal procedures where these could be shown to be rigorous and effective .
6 Using the condition , the denominator may be shown to be proportional to , which in steady state is strictly positive for .
7 The danger consists in imagining some essence of Christianity , for example , that , because it may be shown to be immune to scientific criticism today , is assumed always to have existed and therefore , properly understood , is always impervious to criticism .
8 As Stocking has shown , an innovation may be shown to be effective but not adopted widely , whereas another innovation may not have been demonstrated to be effective yet can become widely accepted in practice .
9 No ; control for a prior variable ( size of the fire ) and the relationship will be shown to be negative .
10 If the fact that the label is encoded there helps in the interpretation of a pronoun referring to that object , the other half of Sag & Hankamer 's hypothesis — that deep anaphors are interpreted with respect to only a mental model — will be shown to be false .
11 By searching a data file containing all the piece-part " boxes " for geometric domains , the simple relationship between parts can be established ; the boxes can be shown to be remote , adjacent , interfering and inserted .
12 Obviously , if vitamin A can be shown to be necessary for photoperiod detection by an extraocular receptor , it is likely that rhodopsins are at work .
13 In terms of the metric functions of the line element ( 6.20 ) , this rotation can be shown to be equivalent to the result that , if U , V , W and M are solutions of ( 6.22 ) , then another solution is given by ( 12.12 )
14 Algebraically , this can be shown to be equivalent to , If the energy required to propagate the crack by producing the two new fracture surfaces were really confined to C , the free surface energy ( which is seldom much above I J/m 2 ) , then simple arithmetic will show that , at any realistic stress level , the critical crack length would be very short indeed , perhaps around a micron .
15 In areas of permeable rocks with sub-parallel valleys the terrace fragments on the spurs have breaks of slope both at the back and the front , and , in favourable circumstances , terraces at quite close height intervals can be shown to be distinct from each other .
16 Hinshaw makes a distinction between the ‘ cognitive ’ and ‘ evocative ’ contents of knowledge suggesting that the ‘ truth ’ , at the semantic and syntactic levels , can be considered in isolation from the social basis of knowledge in so far as it can be shown to be cognitive rather than evocative .
17 Unless the principle that promises ought to be kept can be shown to be compatible with the appropriate respect for liberty , it offends liberalism by imposing a kind of moral paternalism .
18 For our present purposes , there are two main senses in which the inner-city phonology can be said to be complicated : first , there is a much higher degree of ‘ low-level ’ allophonic variation in the inner-city than in outer areas , resulting in a wide range of variation and frequent overlap between phonemes ; yet , this variation can be shown to be rule-governed ; second , there is a high incidence of what I have called phono-lexical alternation ( as measured in variables of type 2b ) in the inner-city , which is much reduced in outer-city communities .
19 Some people were outstanding and became the deified men and women of the great religions , and their lives can be shown to be relevant to the conception of the Created God .
20 Advantage should be taken of external courses where these can be shown to be relevant and cost effective .
21 The fact that certain strategies which can be shown to be useful in translation have not been made use of so far suggests that translators are simply not aware of them , rather than that they are familiar with them but consciously or subconsciously choose not to use them .
22 Mrs Thatcher , a recent convert to environmental conservation , clearly held the opinion that environmental problems are not only soluble but that solving them can be shown to be cost-effective :
23 Increase in enamel thickness , but the enamel is even thicker than in afropithecins , as measured for the Pasalar sample , with relative enamel thickness of 19.71 ( ref. 47 ) , although it has yet to be measured for any of the African Kenyapithecus ; this character may be diagnostic of node 1A if it can be shown to be ancestral for both pongines and hominines ;
24 Some roads have been lost , whilst others have been created or moved , and features previously thought stable , like village greens , can be shown to be recent additions to some plans .
25 It seems that public concern is mostly raised when the pollutant is easily observed and can be shown to be due to some organisation flouting the law .
26 In contrast , if the supplier undertakes to use reasonable care to manufacture the machine in accordance with the agreed specification , it could be argued that the supplier is only liable for any departure from the specification if it can be shown to be due to negligence .
27 Furthermore , if the components of two tensors can be shown to be equal in a particular coordinate system , i.e. then because the corresponding components of and transform identically the equality holds for all coordinate frames including , of course , accelerating frames .
28 All molecular vibrations therefore have some zero-point energy , and this can be shown to be equal to one half of a quantum , so that the total vibrational energy of a molecule with only one normal vibration is where ν is the vibrational quantum number , a positive integer or zero .
29 If it can be shown to be successful at bureau level then there are certainly grounds for extending it throughout the democratic structure of the CAB .
30 The activities of a fan become intelligible if we can interpret them as being instrumental in establishing him in a particular role , or if such activities can be shown to be acceptable demonstrations of character and worth among his peers .
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