Example sentences of "[vb mod] [be] [vb pp] to [be] [adj] " in BNC.

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1 Supervisors should be trained to be observant and sensitive to the needs , morale and problems of employees subordinate to them , and must be aware of the proper channels through which specific problems may be detected and dealt with .
2 It would suggest the need for assessment in a variety of settings , and that an attempt should be made to be aware of milieu bias .
3 I think that in the nineteen nineties , there is agreement that some reform is need is needed that there should be a better balance between the different groups at conference , and that decision making in the parties should be seen to be democratic open and based on one person one vote .
4 The duties performed by the internal auditor should be seen to be complementary to the work performed by the external auditor .
5 Bayes ' postulate is that , when nothing to the contrary is known , the probabilities should be assumed to be equal .
6 Bayes ' postulate is that , when nothing to the contrary is known , the probabilities should be assumed to be equal .
7 If a car is unlawfully taken and then returned in a damaged state , it seems absolutely right that the person or persons responsible for taking it should be assumed to be responsible for causing the damage unless they can prove the contrary .
8 The concept , now referred to as ‘ universal precautions , ’ stresses that all patients should be assumed to be infectious for HIV , HBV , and other blood-borne pathogens .
9 The basic principle of English criminal law , that a person should be presumed to be innocent until proven to have committed a criminal offence , produces another principle .
10 It is surely reasonable that taxes should be designed to be easy and cheap to collect , difficult to avoid and should not be a discouragement to the enterprise and effort of those paying them .
11 Surveillance programmes are expensive , time consuming , and unpleasant for patients and should be shown to be effective before implementation .
12 6 ) Some of our constituents may be alarmed at the implications of page 3 para 3 , not so much on the question of ‘ equality ’ but of accountability , and the suggestion that Christian Aid should be required to be accountable to our partners would take a lot of explaining .
13 The Committee stands by the decision in Morgan and rejects the idea that belief in consent should be required to be reasonable .
14 No justification therefore exists for treating subfertile women with contraceptive drugs , and the endometriosis should be considered to be coincidental unless it has caused tubal and ovarian damage that requires repair .
15 Recent reports have argued that the presence of ectopic endometrium may be physiological and should be considered to be pathological only if associated with symptoms or signs of progression and tissue damage .
16 He believes ‘ That all individuals should be considered to be good , worthwhile and honest until he or she proves to the contrary ’ , It is a sentiment that still today remains his guiding light , and he would add that ‘ All things are possible through God ’ .
17 Children 's early invented spellings often demonstrate logical consistency ; this grasp of regularity should be recognised as an initial achievement and children should be helped to be confident in attempting to spell words for themselves without undue dependence on the teacher .
18 This is put forward as an alternative basis on which the transfer should be held to be void .
19 In my opinion , a document should be held to be void ( as opposed to voidable ) only when the element of consent to it is totally lacking , that is , more concretely , when the transaction which the document purports to effect is essentially different in substance or in kind from the transaction intended .
20 The critical question , the answer to which underlies any statement concerning jurisdictional limits , is whose relative opinion on which matters should be held to be authoritative ?
21 Distinctions between errors within and errors going to jurisdiction should be discarded ; any error of law should be held to be jurisdictional if the case depended upon it .
22 No one , suggested a judge in a leading case , should be held to be guilty of theft by reason of conduct to which no moral obloquy could reasonably attach .
23 Thus most people dying of asthma should be expected to be old .
24 ( viii ) They should be encouraged to be adventurous with vocabulary choices and should be taught how to use a children 's thesaurus .
25 In that event science must be seen to be relevant to the issues which concern them .
26 It is important , too , that close attention is paid to image building ( e.g. banks and insurance companies must be seen to be stable , reliable institutions , but with a friendly , non-intimidating attitude — an image which banks in particular have spent a lot of money fostering over the past decade ) .
27 The scientists too must be seen to be helpful .
28 Such textual analysis , undertaken with a feminist pair of eyes , is uncovering the depth at which sexism must be seen to be present in the text .
29 The links with the sixth form must be seen to be strong 80 that the risk of leakage to the county provision at 16 is minimised .
30 Similarly , any leading capitalist country which wishes to exert hegemonic influence over the other capitalist economies must be seen to be capable of defending those political and strategic interests which its economic supremacy has given it .
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