Example sentences of "[vb mod] [adv] be [vb pp] to be " in BNC.

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1 To some extent this is true , since Michael Chisholm 's research has shown that subsistence land use results in settlements being not more than 1 kilometre ( ½ mile ) or so from most of their land ( Fig 59 ) and hence settlements should perhaps be expected to be 1–2 kilometres ( ½-1 mile ) apart .
2 ‘ I must not be understood to be laying down a rule that in no case where a wife acts on her husband 's instructions and under his influence is it necessary to show that she has received independent advice .
3 ‘ However , the law must not be seen to be an ass .
4 At all costs aggressive behaviour must not be allowed to be rewarding .
5 A middle course may be achieved by the phrase : " for the purpose of delineation only " , which has been held to mean that the plan must not be taken to be drawn to scale but the lines are correct diagrammatically ( Re Freeman and Taylor 's Contract ( 1907 ) 97 LT 39 ) .
6 The Libyan quarrel was referred to Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria , a very well-educated man , who sided with those theologians who stressed the distinctness of Father and Son ; they should not be said to be of one being but to be as distinct as the husbandman and the vine .
7 An example engagement letter is set out in 1101.10 — please note that this is a live example and as such is the result of a series of negotiations — ie this should not be assumed to be our starting position .
8 County freeholders , often indiscriminately styled ‘ barons ’ , as indeed some of them were , whose estates had been erected into free baronies by a crown charter , were gentlemen landowners of the shire , the direct vassals of the crown , and most of them were fully conscious of holding a social position which demanded that they should not be seen to be in any man 's pocket .
9 Where there is a surety to the agreement and an assignment by the tenant is agreed by the landlord , it is advisable to ensure that while the surety may still be forced to be bound by the obligations on its part contained in the agreement , the surety should not be forced to be a party to the lease .
10 It is recognised that nurses must care for patients during recognised holidays but they should not be expected to be in the classroom .
11 All these feelings are normal and should not be thought to be ‘ wrong ’ .
12 If God intended that parents should not be permitted to come between a husband and a wife , then surely football pals or the darts team , the sports club , or any other activity should not be allowed to be an obstacle to this new relationship .
13 In any case , the ideology of the RCC was that women should not be treated exactly the same as men : women are human beings , and therefore equal to men , but they are also more delicate , more beautiful and gentler — they are like flowers , and should not be compelled to be manlike and false to their nature .
14 Certainly , to the accountant , there is no reason why those doctors who are high spenders in their prescribing habits , should not be held to be financially accountable for their decisions .
15 Pickets handing out leaflets to passers by may thereby cause harassment , alarm or distress , but they should not be held to be guilty of an offence on that account alone .
16 The value when repaired for these purposes should always be taken to be the insured value .
17 The fact that about 50% of all patients experienced minor faecal leakage in the first year after operation , discouraged the use of restorative proctocolectomy in older patients in whome the operative risk must also be assumed to be greater .
18 Perfect cleanliness is the commercial ideal , but the clothes must also be seen to be clean .
19 In specific terms , we can take this to mean : that war remains a political act ; that war must also be understood to be a revolutionising act ; and , finally , that it thereby acquires the potential to become ‘ absolute war ’ — whose corollary is total victory and absolute peace .
20 Phil joined the Palace in February 1984 for a modest £10,000 fee from Aylesbury Town , but he soon established himself as a valuable member of our League side , playing either on the left of midfield or up front as a striker , and he must probably be reckoned to be the best signing made for our club by manager Alan Mullery .
21 We have already mentioned background music , although this should really be expanded to be the public address system , as almost always the background music is fed by the same amplification and uses the same speakers as the guest paging system .
22 We must simply be seen to be stating a right and not advising or recommending anything .
23 For that God has been conceived as male , and that biblical teaching which arose out of a patriarchal society has been held to be the revelation of God , must surely be seen to be the underlying facts of western culture which have led to discrimination against women .
24 Right , now I must n't be seen to be indicating in any way that er you do n't have to bother with it all , because they too put all out some excellent er booklets , brochures I 've got two thick pads of them which I 'll let you circulate .
25 ( 65 ) Justice must not only be done — ( … ) — but must manifestly be seen to be done .
26 The uptake of 5-ASA must therefore be assumed to be equivalent to the production of Ac-ASA over time .
27 The parameters used to measure growth must therefore be chosen to be representative , characteristic , reliable , and objective .
28 A mistake as to consent should therefore be required to be a reasonable one , although in assessing reasonableness , any physical or mental disabilities of the defendant should be taken into account .
29 At the same time it affirms that academic staff may not be dismissed for holding particular beliefs or following particular lines of inquiry , and that senior staff may not be dismissed to be replaced by more junior , and cheaper , staff .
30 Most people may not be primed to be ‘ subverted ’ because they think of pop as light entertainment .
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