Example sentences of "[subord] she have [vb pp] [adv prt] from " in BNC.

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1 By a coincidence the letter had been waiting for her on her dressing-table when she had got in from the pictures the previous night , just after she had been thinking and talking of Hilda .
2 Reproaching herself for not having unlocked it when she had come in from the main door , she rose quickly and went to open up .
3 long , very nice , very posh , erm I do n't know what me dad 's is like , er me mum was laughing er yesterday erm with er doing all this work she 'd done a load of washing and pegged it all out and when she 'd got in from work dad had ironed it all
4 ‘ She 'll be here in an hour or so , when she has dried off from her boat trip with Polidori .
5 When at last they lay quietly , her head resting on Luke 's shoulder , her hand spread against the damp warmth of his skin , Fran felt as though she had come back from some great journey that had shifted her conception and understanding of everything .
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