Example sentences of "[subord] you have give [pers pn] [art] " in BNC.

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1 Willie ‘ O ’ is a bit stronger and a lot younger than Mick so you have to give him a slight edge when it comes to form and fitness .
2 Lewis felt ‘ as if you had given me a bottle of champagne …
3 ‘ I feel as if you 've given me a gift I 'm completely unworthy of .
4 I would have thought if she would have sat in the chair , I mean well she could n't go the week aha I do n't young enough yeah , about a month ago she just peed of somewhere and some , I do n't know , she 's alright , I said yes she 'll be alright , I said I 'm going to start cooking so she said I got to take these Heather , I said well they 'll travel better in there , your father said you know Jane he said if you 'd given her a hand
5 Roger I 'd 've given it you a lot quicker if you 'd given me a list of jobs to work on .
6 ‘ And , if you 'd given me the chance to finish , you would also have heard me specify ‘ for the general collection ’ .
7 It would n't have surprised me if you 'd given me the boot there and then .
8 The standard answer , given with that gleam of superiority that the young delight in , was , ‘ No , Dr Clarke , they are not suitable because you have given them a blood transfusion . ’
9 There was one little bit of leftover , as you 've given me an opportunity before I depart , and that was that erm we did discuss earlier today , under this heading the possibilities of erm their being sites on the inner edge or between the built up area , or there might become sites between the built up area and the inner edge of the greenbelt , I think the implication was they may be in Ryedale .
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