Example sentences of "[vb mod] not be [verb] to be " in BNC.

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1 ‘ I must not be understood to be laying down a rule that in no case where a wife acts on her husband 's instructions and under his influence is it necessary to show that she has received independent advice .
2 ‘ However , the law must not be seen to be an ass .
3 At all costs aggressive behaviour must not be allowed to be rewarding .
4 A middle course may be achieved by the phrase : " for the purpose of delineation only " , which has been held to mean that the plan must not be taken to be drawn to scale but the lines are correct diagrammatically ( Re Freeman and Taylor 's Contract ( 1907 ) 97 LT 39 ) .
5 The Libyan quarrel was referred to Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria , a very well-educated man , who sided with those theologians who stressed the distinctness of Father and Son ; they should not be said to be of one being but to be as distinct as the husbandman and the vine .
6 An example engagement letter is set out in 1101.10 — please note that this is a live example and as such is the result of a series of negotiations — ie this should not be assumed to be our starting position .
7 County freeholders , often indiscriminately styled ‘ barons ’ , as indeed some of them were , whose estates had been erected into free baronies by a crown charter , were gentlemen landowners of the shire , the direct vassals of the crown , and most of them were fully conscious of holding a social position which demanded that they should not be seen to be in any man 's pocket .
8 Where there is a surety to the agreement and an assignment by the tenant is agreed by the landlord , it is advisable to ensure that while the surety may still be forced to be bound by the obligations on its part contained in the agreement , the surety should not be forced to be a party to the lease .
9 It is recognised that nurses must care for patients during recognised holidays but they should not be expected to be in the classroom .
10 All these feelings are normal and should not be thought to be ‘ wrong ’ .
11 If God intended that parents should not be permitted to come between a husband and a wife , then surely football pals or the darts team , the sports club , or any other activity should not be allowed to be an obstacle to this new relationship .
12 In any case , the ideology of the RCC was that women should not be treated exactly the same as men : women are human beings , and therefore equal to men , but they are also more delicate , more beautiful and gentler — they are like flowers , and should not be compelled to be manlike and false to their nature .
13 Certainly , to the accountant , there is no reason why those doctors who are high spenders in their prescribing habits , should not be held to be financially accountable for their decisions .
14 Pickets handing out leaflets to passers by may thereby cause harassment , alarm or distress , but they should not be held to be guilty of an offence on that account alone .
15 At the same time it affirms that academic staff may not be dismissed for holding particular beliefs or following particular lines of inquiry , and that senior staff may not be dismissed to be replaced by more junior , and cheaper , staff .
16 Most people may not be primed to be ‘ subverted ’ because they think of pop as light entertainment .
17 Again it may not be thought to be particularly helpful that God in God 's undifferentiated nature ( or indeed the Spirit in its rather vague nature ) are to be understood as ‘ female ’ , while ‘ divine energies ’ ( sic ) , that which is clearly differentiated and self-determining , is to be seen as ‘ male ’ .
18 It tends to present in elderly people , who may not be known to be diabetic .
19 A court might not be thought to be a particularly suitable body to make such a decision because , in many situations , the decision , whichever way it goes , will be politically highly contentious .
20 The British in India had from the beginning of the nineteenth century seen clearly that so unnatural a phenomenon as the government of that teeming subcontinent by the parliamentary electorate of the British Isles could not be destined to be permanent .
21 What are the implications for the CAPM if the market could not be assumed to be perfect ?
22 Comparison of quantitative data between the tw groups was performed by Student 's t test when normal distribution of the data could be assumed , and by Mann-Whitney U test when distrubiton could not be assumed to be normal ( serum and amylase values ) .
23 The daughter of Samuel Roberts , quite simply , could not be seen to be involved .
24 These meetings could not be said to be unimportant because world Christianity ought to be seen to meet .
25 The students could not be said to be responsible for their own actions and thoughts .
26 Nevertheless it was held that any false indication given by the retailer could not be said to be due to the act or default of Cadbury since the retailer could quite easily have compared the weights and prices of his existing stock and the new bars to see if the label ‘ Extra value ’ was justified .
27 English has no dental or labiodental plosive phonemes , so in these cases , although there is clearly assimilation , there could not be said to be a substitution of one phoneme for another .
28 One group that was frequently excluded was the poor — those who could not be guaranteed to be able to pay their own funeral expenses .
29 They could not be expected to be automatically loyal .
30 The fresh-faced , girl-next-door image could not be allowed to be tarnished by being linked with the wrong merchandise and the negotiations that went into choosing the first Kylie-recommended products were intense .
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