Example sentences of "[subord] [pron] [vb past] at [det] time " in BNC.

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1 Feeling closer to him than she had at any time since her mother 's death , Rory hid her face against his shoulder .
2 These days he felt happier than he had at any time in his life .
3 Bigwig was racing back across the field , looking more agitated than he had at any time since the encounter with Captain Holly .
4 A little over an hour later , Harry felt more in control of events than he had at any time since Heather 's disappearance .
5 He had always considered Sir John a portly , self-indulgent toper , but at this moment the coroner seemed more at ease , sword and dagger in his hands , fighting for his life , than he had at any time since they had met .
6 But I would have thought that one lot of er papers would either have gone to the archives office or er been retained in the Advertiser if they amalgamated at some time .
7 When he moved at this time to larger premises at no. 5 Charing Cross , his maps were reputed the finest being engraved anywhere in the world .
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