Example sentences of "[v-ing] [adv prt] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 Concentration has nothing to do with gritting your teeth and braving it out ; it 's the secret of being more and more relaxed and aware of everything that is going on at the same time .
2 One of the most productive nurseries in the world , the Yorkshire League , has become almost barren and the time has come to pluck from another , rich in blossoms — Shivaji Park , Bombay , where you can stand on the roof-top of the small pavilion and watch 15 games going on at the same time .
3 Oh of course do n't forget yester yesterday erm they allow so many in so you 'd all be going in at the same time
4 Try to keep regular hours , getting up at the same time however tired you may feel .
5 We would therefore encourage the use of the described radiation protection devices , whilst pointing out at the same time that the usual high standards for prevention of ingestion , inhalation or skin absorption of radioactive compounds should still , of course , be maintained .
6 How many aircraft were they capable of working on at the same time ?
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