Example sentences of "[vb base] [pers pn] at the same time " in BNC.

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1 A qualified instructor will demonstrate how to use equipment properly , how to get the best from your body and enjoy it at the same time .
2 Now this er of course was railway waggons and er when you started work you was put with a skilled man and i er it was his job to repair the waggons and teach you at the same time .
3 I needed more of the thinner timber , but I ca n't fetch , chop and feed it at the same time . ’
4 And Glenn Close 's stubborn and pain-ridden performance as Sunny makes you sad for her and hate her at the same time .
5 I doubt if at present you can have it reregistered on an age related basis , but when you write to DVLC ask them at the same time .
6 Here you are trying to have your cake and eat it at the same time
7 Moreover , the observer at A forms a picture of the white hole on the basis of all the light rays that reach him at the same time .
8 if any of them relate to a procedure we take it at the same time so that we do n't have to do it again , or not ?
9 PAMELA : You oblige and improve me at the same time .
10 Now you can tap out the rhythm of ‘ Auld Lang Syne ’ ; sing it at the same time if you like .
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