Example sentences of "[vb base] [conj] [pron] [verb] [pron] [art] " in BNC.

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1 What would Fen say if she gave him a truthful answer , told him that Hugh had done her a good turn , jilted her before she could make the most dreadful mistake of her life ?
2 I mean once I know what a thing is
3 My mum and dad deny that they make them a brew , but when I get home there 's usually 20 dirty cups outside the door . ’
4 But Basil encouraged and even found some tiny portion of my painting which could be developed though he agreed that I might copy more easily than imagine and he gave me a mounted butterfly to draw .
5 But wait till you see what the old man did to some of the interior . "
6 Wait till I get you a cup of cocoa , Mark , ’ said Mrs Mallory .
7 So he leaves them in a room where the locks open if you give them a threatening look . ’
8 You know very often a parent , if a parent senses a child it 's partly in the interests of reality you know , like I say to my younger son you know , look if I buy you a third Big Mac , let's face it , you wo n't be able to eat it .
9 I have heard there are more than two ways you can have it and it works out cheaper the more you get if you have it the other way .
10 You ask how they know and they give you a vague description about the pelvis , etc. etc. , and you go away not altogether satisfied with the explanations .
11 Just tell him what we want him to give us , you know if he gave us the advance nod on something then we could either you know deal it exclusive or we 'll put it all round , you know , whichever they prefer .
12 I know cos she showed me a picture once .
13 Yeah I know but I mean what a way to look .
14 Tenderness is just something that women like because it gives them the upper hand .
15 I guess that it gave her a sense of independence and allowed her personality , which was fairly dominant , to develop .
16 Yes Chairman , of the hundred and sixty thousand plus cost , erm , part of the contribution by the major servicing committee , and I understand that they advised me the balance has been made from local contributions , and charitable sources .
17 My point is , I 'm being silly , facetious , my point is , the more you have contacts with people , the more they understand that you understand what the thing is all about and are likely to deliver the goods in a way that is useful , the easier it is .
18 I 'm not comfortable but I suppose if I gave it a go I would get used to it .
19 I do n't think there is any question about that , and I feel like we gave him a good shot at staying alive .
20 Oh , her husband may chatter but I doubt if he gives her a blow by blow account of English activities in France .
21 While farmers themselves recognise that no-one owes them a living , there 's still an inherent desire to be on the receiving end of some support .
22 While farmers themselves recognise that no-one owes them a living , there 's still an inherent desire to be on the receiving end of some support .
23 I think that I put it the other way round last time .
24 Do you , I wonder if you think your a good driver , I mean there are , I mean I , I should remind you there are five thousand people killed on Britain 's roads every year , there are sixty three thousand people seriously injured , they reckon that car accidents cost something like five thousand million pounds in Britain every year .
25 Excellent voice I mean worth an A Bill , brilliant if you do that , but I mean I 'm not , I know speaking to sort of Charles and Tom and Alan , they say that sort of recommendation referrals in Norwich are very difficult but I think if you do it the right way
26 We wear nurses ' uniforms , perform basic nursing tasks and are still called ‘ nurse ’ by most patients , so sometimes I feel a bit confused by all this and wonder whether we undervalue ourselves a little .
27 What will the Scottish electorate think when they discover what the millionaire Secretary of State for the Environment , who is sitting on the right hon. Gentleman 's left , has to pay ?
28 If you do not keep a dream diary , I strongly recommend that you give it a try .
29 You drool when someone tosses you a conspiracy theory . ’
30 So some of them you can work out buy if you know what a transformer does , it steps down all of the current , it reduces the voltage .
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