Example sentences of "[vb base] [pron] [verb] [adv prt] [prep] the " in BNC.

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1 I mean I shout up to the bathroom , I mean
2 ‘ That 's the easiest way of getting your firewood — cut the trees at the edge of the forest and send them rolling down to the bottom .
3 ‘ Does Faye … or Dr Greene … want me to go in to the hospital ? ’
4 ‘ If they want me to stay on after the World Cup I will consider that .
5 I expect I woke up at the wrong time .
6 And er I I as I say I moved up into the next er school .
7 How d' ya get on at the dentist ?
8 ‘ Then I suggest you get back to the mill as soon as possible , before anyone notices that you 're missing . ’
9 ‘ Well , I suggest you give up about the beginning of September .
10 ‘ Then I suggest you hop along to the end of the garden , ’ Sergeant told them .
11 D' you go out in the evening ? ’ asked Patrice McKechnie .
12 Team 1 is concentrating on the basement and ground floor , so I want you to go up to the 4th level as team 2 will be putting out the flames on floors 2 + 3 .
13 ‘ I want you to go back to the house and telephone the Incident Room .
14 ‘ Midge , I want you to get back into the car , close the doors and lock them from the inside . ’
15 ‘ I want you to get back to the docks and get everybody out as fast as you can .
16 Wycliffe said : ‘ I want you to come back to the Incident Room with me where you will be asked to make a full statement . ’
17 I want you to think back to the story of Mufaro
18 ‘ Then I suggest we go back to the hotel in Trujillo , get hold of his number and phone him from there . ’
19 ‘ In that case I suggest we go back to the living-room , ’ he said easily .
20 ‘ No one has any more to say on that point , so I suggest we move on to the next one . ’
21 you just want something come back to the people I was talking originally in the week , that
22 He is right to change the emphasis of the list and we urge him to stand up to the civil servants who are resisting change .
23 Er and things like sort of er midday and a late evening er usually fine , and then you have y quite a lot of asthmatics say they wake up in the night , somewhere between two to five .
24 The owners say they came up with the idea first .
25 Therefore , if a clause giving a reason for such an action has a pronominal subject , we expect it to refer back to the questioner .
26 I expect he jumped out at the last minute .
27 If not , place it facing out into the living space .
28 You simply squeeze Colourfun Image Maker over a picture they like , place it face down on the garment and roll with a rolling pin .
29 We thought of some number divided by one twenty now we want it go back to the number we thought of .
30 Want it mopped over in the morning .
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