Example sentences of "[vb past] it be time for [pron] " in BNC.

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1 At home he did n't spook at bright blue barrels , a wall or planks , so we decided it was time for our first party .
2 Berowne 's only explanation had been that he felt it was time for his life to take a new direction .
3 As she moved off with the other mounted followers , Artemis determined that if her father thought it was time for her to stop riding ponies and learn to hunt on a horse , then so be it .
4 Standing up , I assured her that I was n't drunk but tired and that I thought it was time for me to walk her home .
5 When Loc , with another worried glance in Jacques Devraux 's direction , insisted it was time for them to go to bed , Paul galloped across the clearing with little Hoc on his shoulders and dumped the boy squealing with laughter on his sleeping mat .
6 At the end of the season Chapman called me in and said it was time for me to decide one way or the other .
7 Yanto arranged to pick them up outside Sharpness Coop Sunday morning , after which Mary said it was time for her to go home .
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