Example sentences of "[coord] it is [adv] [verb] [coord] " in BNC.

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1 Paradise is lost , so to speak , almost before it is found , and it is never possessed and savoured .
2 Fish is very popular and it is still preserved and smoked by traditional methods .
3 But it is richly written and dramatically involving , well staged by Dallmeyer himself and designer Graham Proudfoot .
4 We have got to live with it , hopefully we can put barriers up but it is here to stay and it will get worse .
5 It is still long-bodied , with a cylindrical shape on fairly short legs , but it is well muscled and potentially a good beef animal .
6 But it is just to try and ask you to think ways in which you could help in this particular way in whichever way there is .
7 The production does n't have the imagistic verve of Adrian Noble 's great Royal Exchange version in l980 but it is beautifully acted and rivets our attention on the fierce particularity of Webster 's language .
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