Example sentences of "[coord] it is often [verb] [that] " in BNC.

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1 We go further , and it is often said that God has revealed his Spirit as much in Buddhism and Hinduism as in Christianity ; indeed , as much in atheism as in theism .
2 It is most common in older people and it is often believed that there is no cure because it is a sign that the body is wearing out .
3 Visions of heavy counselling sessions come to mind and it is often felt that the grieving person must be helped to ‘ come to terms with it ’ , whatever ‘ it ’ might be .
4 Developing countries have their own specific economic , political and social requirements and it is often felt that the media should ‘ carry out positive development tasks ’ ; that they should accept restrictions if the state so desires and that they should be subordinate to the needs ( economic , cultural , political ) of a developing state .
5 But even in democratic societies knowledge of the past changes as historical scholarship develops and it is often found that the official record of the time under study contains errors or even deliberate falsification .
6 But it is often assumed that so doing is to be following in the footsteps of Marx , when he gave his example of luxury goods production , basing himself on the premise that the sub-department lib produced only goods for capitalist consumption .
7 But it is often implied that these were the result of particular social and political circumstances .
8 But it is often forgotten that even less physical sports such as bowls , and even snooker , where the same movement is repeated many times , can cause problems , too .
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